Hercules celebrates the success of DJControl Mix by launching a collection of new colors

Rennes, December 1, 2022 — Hercules, the DJ hardware manufacturer, is celebrating the success of its superstar DJControl Mix controller by launching a new collection of different colors. More in touch with current trends than ever, Hercules is standing out from the crowd yet again with two new popular, eye-catching colors: blue and orange.


It was just a year ago that Hercules launched the very first ultra-compact DJ controller designed for mixing your favorite tracks exclusively with a smartphone. Combined with Algoriddim djay, one of the world’s leading DJ apps for both iOS and Android, Hercules DJControl Mix quickly became a huge hit with thousands of users worldwide. A real star on TikTok and a favorite of DJs and content creators, Hercules is now taking the controller to the next level by launching a collection of new colors: DJControl Mix Blue Edition and DJControl Mix Orange Edition.


Discovering DJing, learning how to mix your favorite tracks, creating amazing new mashups, scratching and throwing great parties with friends whenever the mood strikes: these are some of the things that people love most about the DJControl Mix and djay app combo. On its website, Hercules even offers royalty-free music tracks completely free of charge to make users’ DJing experience better and smoother — with some tracks entirely created by Hercules’ teams to help people get started mixing! The djay app also allows for access to online music streaming services including SoundCloud, TIDAL, Beatport ADVANCED and Beatsource.

Perfect for taking your first steps with mixing, becoming a DJ or being the star of the show with your friends, DJControl Mix is the ideal gift to put under the Christmas tree this year.



Available exclusively on Amazon right now at a suggested retail price of just $109.99 / €99.99, the stunning new DJControl Mix Blue Edition controller is sure to thrill the budding DJs in your life.



Now available for preorder exclusively at shop.hercules.com (in Europe) and set to hit the market on January 2, 2023, the eagerly-awaited DJControl Mix Orange Edition will also retail for $109.99 / €99.99. The DJcontrol Mix Orange Edition will directly be commercially available on January 2, 2023 on the US Hercules shop.


Hercules’ vision

Since its creation in 1984, Hercules has always been committed to offering full-featured, accessible entertainment solutions: the manufacturer made a huge leap forward in 2003 by bringing DJing to the masses, and turning it into something for everyone to enjoy. Always very receptive to feedback from its users and looking out for all the latest trends in the DJing industry, today Hercules is responding to an extremely frequent question from music fans worldwide: “Can I mix with my smartphone?” With that in mind, Hercules’ engineers developed the groundbreaking DJControl Mix controller in collaboration with Algoriddim, exclusively designed for use with smartphones. Now Hercules is taking things a step further with two new very popular colors.


The product fits in perfectly with smartphone users’ habits, and with those of younger people in particular:

  • – Easy to use: just download the free Algoriddim djay app on your Android or iOS smartphone and connect DJControl Mix via Bluetooth Low Energy. To listen to your mix, you can either use the sound from your smartphone’s built-in speakers, or connect a speaker using Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • – Designed for use on the go, for total freedom: Hercules encourages users to power DJControl Mix with an external battery (i.e. power bank) so that they can mix anywhere, anytime.
  • – No limits: there are a variety of ways to mix, for total flexibility. You can use music stored on your smartphone, tracks offered by Hercules on its website, or mix with tracks from some music streaming services.
  • – Algoriddim djay supports SoundCloud and TIDAL (iOS and Android), as well as Beatport ADVANCED and Beatsource (iOS only). SoundCloud even offers 4 great playlists free of charge.
  • – Accessible: the DJ controller and free version of the Algoriddim djay app won’t even set you back $110 / €100. How’s that for value? What’s more, all of DJControl Mix’s features can be used with the free version of djay.
  • – Practical: DJControl Mix includes a handy foldable stand for your smartphone, allowing you to easily position and use it in full-screen mode.
  • – Intuitive and empowering: DJControl Mix and the djay app are the perfect duo for mixing — it couldn’t be easier to make seamless transitions and add cool effects to your favorite tracks. You can even scratch (latency is optimized thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy), add Hot Cue points, manipulate two controls at the same time, and have a blast using the pads.
  • – Advanced: a speakers/headphones DJ splitter cable is included for more advanced use, letting you monitor upcoming tracks on your headphones.


For more information regarding the entire range of Hercules DJ controllers, please visit www.hercules.com/en-us/dj-products.