This is the foundation of DJing: you need to be able to count the beats, and thereby “feel” the music in order to anticipate the changes in the track’s structure...


Feel the rhythm

Beatmatching is an audio mixing technique closely related to crossfading. It lets you link different music tracks together...


Match the beat & the basics of Djing

Some technical basics to help you mix two tracks together.


Master the techniques

Show Your Mix


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Mix Easy


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Start Easy


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Ever dreamt about how it feels to make the perfect mix? To play the right track at just the right time – at the precise moment when everyone wants to hear it, live it, and share it? Then be sure to seize this opportunity and become the DJ you’ve always dreamed of being.

Learning to DJ isn’t easy; in fact, it’ll be a real challenge. You’ll have to work at it, keep up your efforts and devote time to your goal… but when you have that much love for the music, nothing’s beyond your reach.

At Hercules, we’ve channeled all of our passion, our emotions and our commitment – based on more than 15 years of digital DJing expertise – right into the very heart of a fun and accessible learning experience, helping you to discover DJing techniques and teaching you all of the foundational skills you’ll need to succeed, while having a great time along the way.

It all starts right here… it all starts right now.


Before we get started attacking the technique and your first attempts at DJing, we recommend that you create a folder on your computer with 5 or 6 of your favorite tracks (stored on your computer) that you know well and that you’re comfortable with. When learning how to DJ, it’s easier to start mixing using tracks that you already know and love.

As a budding DJ, your goal is to make a transition from track A to track B – keeping in mind that the tempo of the latter will have to be adjusted to match that of track A, so that they’re identical.

Download the 3 tracks required to take the courses with THE DJ COACH:

Track 1 – Don’t do this
Track 2 – Stranger
Track 3 – Imagino