WAE Outdoor 04 Plus Party Pack

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You live to ride – but it’s fun to just kick back sometimes, too… You also like to chill out between two ramp slides or two jumps and have fun hanging with your friends. To give you total freedom no matter what you’re up to, Hercules WAE designed a unique and fun pack: the Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus Party Pack, including the WAE Outdoor 04Plus speaker – your trusty companion on all your rides – and five interactive LED wristbands, to light up the scene. The wristbands light up perfectly in sync with the beat of the music. The party follows you on all your adventures – whether in the city, or more extreme outdoor celebrations. Enjoy these must-have little extras for an amazing atmosphere at your get-togethers when you’re done riding!



Take your wireless music experience to the next level with Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP wireless technology, and stream from any compatible Bluetooth device. You can even connect two Bluetooth audio sources at the same time, and switch from one to the other incredibly quickly and easily.


  • Ingress protection (IP) is an international standard relating to impermeability:
  • The first digit indicates the degree of protection against dust, 6 being the maximum value and therefore providing total protection. Your speaker is therefore totally protected against dust and sand.
  • The second digit indicates the degree of protection against water, with 6 indicating a piece of equipment which is protected against high-pressure water jets from any direction (non-submersible).
  • The speaker’s sturdy design, solid rubber end-pieces, protective metal grille, and reinforced access hatch for connectors ensure excellent shock-resistance.”


5 LED wristbands (red, purple, blue, green and orange) light up in sync with your music, for a unique lighting atmosphere. And to make sure that the party lasts even longer, you can save your wristbands’ battery power by using the handy ON/OFF switch. (The LED wristbands are not water resistant.)


Small but powerful, the Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus pumps out clear, powerful sound for an optimal listening experience in outdoor conditions (wind noise, noises from the street, etc.): single-unit 2.0 speaker + passive decompression driver.

Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP wireless technology
RMS power: 2 x 2.5 W RMS
Total output power: 10 W peak power
Frequency response: 130 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Rechargeable 3.7 V 1500 mAh Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery
IP66 certified
Magnetically-shielded system won’t disturb your surroundings
RoHS compliant product
5 LED wristbands (1 x red, 1 x purple, 1 x blue, 1 x green, 1 x orange)
2 lithium manganese dioxide CR1220 batteries per wristband (weight per battery: 0.8 g; density: 0.114 W/hour; voltage per battery : 3.0 V)

Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus speaker

5 x LED wristbands


1 wrist strap for the Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus speaker

1 USB charging cable


1 user manual for the Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus speaker

1 user manual for the Hercules LED wristbands