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For over 30 years, and drawing from our roots in analog sound, we have been devoting our energy to designing audio solutions for you, passionate about music. Since the beginning of our history, Hercules’ DJ controller range has been created on a vision. The vision that innovation, authenticity, technology and easy to use would open DJing to everyone, for those who want to start to DJ and progress with fun. This vision led Hercules to create the very first dual deck DJ controller with an audio interface for computers, brought to market in 2003. Hercules has acquired a great deal of “know-how” and our skill is renowned in the world as one of the leaders in portable mixing controllers for computers since then.

Hercules is fully committed to supporting your dream of starting to DJ, learning, progressing and more than anything having fun.

Your adventure starts here.

It’s your turn.

 Have a look around our DJ academy to learn the basics of Djing, get some new tips and tricks and get inspirations from our DJ ambassadors and see which product fits the best your needs.

DJ Academy

01 Feel the rhythm

Beatmatching is an audio mixing technique closely related to crossfading. It lets you link different music tracks together...

Start practicing with 9 different techniques and exercises and feel the amazing power of mixing your favorite tracks.

DJ Academy

05 Master the techniques

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