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Easily control your Hercules WAE Outdoor speaker using the free WAE Music app via Bluetooth® wireless technology using an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The app gives you total freedom using your device’s screen: directly access streaming services; enjoy listening to preset radio stations, or easily search for new stations on your own; and even have the speaker power on at a set time to work as an alarm clock! Above all, music is an experience, and an escape: the WAE Music app ensures simple, intuitive and complete management of your speaker.

The WAE Music app is available for and compatible with both iOS and Android. It lets you:
– View your speaker’s battery level.
– Adjust your speaker’s volume.
– Access online music services (Spotify®, Deezer®, SoundCloud®).
– Create playlists in which you can combine locally-stored music tracks (on your device) with tracks from your online music services.
– FM function: the app lets you scan for all locally-available FM stations, wherever you are, and store them in memory (with the Hercules WAE Outdoor Rush speaker only).
– Turn your speaker off remotely.
– Take advantage of advanced playback controls.
– Customize your music using the built-in equalizer.
The WAE Music* app is available only to owners of a Bluetooth speaker from the WAE* by Hercules product range.
*Wireless Audio Experience (Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus, Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus Pack, Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus Party Pack, Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM, Hercules WAE Outdoor Rush).
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