How to keep your DJ music library organized?


Although it’s now possible to mix from streaming services such as Beatport, TIDAL, SoundCloud Go+, and more, most DJs still work from mp3 files saved to their laptop. And the longer you DJ, the more tracks you have, so it becomes increasingly important to develop good music organization habits early.

Keeping your DJ music library organized allows you to work more efficiently and effectively, present yourself professionally, and provide a better experience for your audience. It will help open up new creative possibilities, so you can easily discover new music and create unique sets that stand out from others.

There are several ways to keep your DJ music library organized, including:

Creating folders

Create folders for different genres of music, such as house, techno, hip-hop, etc. When you have a vast collection of music, it can be challenging to find specific tracks quickly, especially when you need to play them at a gig. This organization method also makes it easy to keep track of what music you have in your library and what genres you may need to add more of to cater to different audiences. This will make it easy to find the music you need for specific gigs or sets.


Use tags or metadata to label your tracks with information such as genre, decade, release date, BPM, etc. This will make it easy to search for specific tracks or groups of tracks. For example, you can search for all tracks with a BPM of 130 for a high-energy set or find all your tracks from the 90s for a themed party.


Create playlists for specific gigs or sets, so that you can easily access the tracks you need for that particular event. Playlists also help to keep your set organized and flowing smoothly. With playlists, you can avoid the stress of searching for the right track during your performance.


Keep a backup copy of your library on an external hard drive or cloud storage service to ensure that you don’t lose your music if your computer crashes or is lost. Having a backup of your music library also allows you to easily transfer your music to other devices, like a new computer or laptop.

Rating your music

You can rate the music based on your preference which makes it easy to find the best music you have. This method also helps when you are looking for inspiration for new sets, as you can easily search for your top-rated tracks and explore them more.

Keep your software updated

Keep your DJ software updated to ensure that it can read the latest file formats and that your library is optimized for the latest features. Whether you are using Serato, DJUCED, or any other software, it’s important to ensure that you have the best DJ software performance possible and that your equipment remains compatible with the latest DJ controllers and updates (it can also prevent some sudden crashes or freezes during your sets!).

By following these tips, you can keep your DJ music library organized and easily accessible. Organizing your collection in a way that makes sense to you, can streamline your workflow and help you mix with confidence.