Hercules Releases the Latest and Greatest Version of Its DJUCED™ 40° Software: 3.6

Take advantage of the continuing evolution of DJUCEDTM to unleash all your creativity.

Paris, France – September 21, 2017 – DJUCEDTM 40° has made some huge leaps forward since this summer’s NAMM Show. Say hello to version 3.6:

Pursuing their goal of constant improvement and creativity without any limits, the DJUCEDTMteams are thrilled to announce the launch of version 3.6.

DJUCEDTM 40° 3.6 now includes the following new features and improvements, highly anticipated by members of its DJ community:

CPU optimization: vital for all DJs. The DJUCEDTM teams have succeeded in reducing CPU use by 50%, freeing up the computer’s resources for all other tasks and letting DJs just have fun and lower their stress levels.

Post-fader FX: reverb and delay effects are no longer cut off when using the volume fader. Instead, effects are applied after the volume fader: in this way, you can still hear the end of effects when a deck’s volume fader is brought down. Perfect for improving quick transitions.

Reworked scratch engine: DJUCEDTM 40° version 3.5 had already improved this function. Based on benchmark turntables, version 3.6 ensures perfect scratching with unified rotation speed on all controllers. As all Hercules products are designed with the needs of DJs in mind, you can now change controllers without losing any of your track markers. Scratch samples have been added to the demo folder, with cue points conveniently included for you.

“Computer MIX OUT”: use both your computer’s sound card and your controller’s sound card simultaneously. Perfect for using your computer’s speakers and your headphones at the same time.
Instant display: your controller’s display now responds faster than ever before.

Evolution of “Smart Mix”: the Smart Mix only starts at the end of the currently playing track. The result: a perfectly smooth transition between your own mix and the Smart Mix.
The new version 3.6 update of DJUCEDTM 40° will be available for download from September 21, 2017, directly from the DJUCED.com website (in the Downloads section).

Drop by to meet the Hercules and DJUCEDTM teams at BPM | PRO 2017 in Birmingham, England on October 22 and 23, 2017