A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing for a b2b Set


The first step in preparing for a b2b set is choosing the right partner. Collaborating with a DJ who complements your style and musical taste is crucial. Discuss your goals, musical preferences, and the overall vibe you want to create during the set. Effective communication and synergy with your partner are key to a successful performance.

Plan your set

Once you’ve found the perfect partner, plan your set together. Start by deciding on a theme or mood that you want to convey through your music. Collaboratively curate a tracklist that includes both of your signature tracks while ensuring a smooth transition between them. Remember to incorporate diversity in genres and energy levels to keep the audience engaged throughout the performance.

Organize your music library

Organizing your music library is essential for a smooth b2b set. Use DJ software like Serato or DJUCED to create playlists or crates for your set. Label your tracks with relevant information, such as BPM, key, and energy level, to facilitate quick track selection during your performance.

Practice together

Rehearsing with your partner is vital for a seamless b2b set. Spend time practicing transitions, cueing, and matching beats together. This will help build trust and familiarity between you and your partner, making it easier to improvise during the performance.

Set up your gear

Ensure your DJ equipment is in perfect working condition before the gig. Coordinate with the event organizers to confirm the setup and connectivity of your equipment. Bring extra cables, adapters, and backup gear to avoid any technical hiccups during the set. Consider the DJControl Inpulse 500 or DJControl Inpulse T7, our most performance-ready controllers with multiple audio connectors, ideal for any venues.

Communicate during the set

Effective communication during a b2b set is essential for maintaining a seamless flow. Use hand signals, headphones, or a combination of both to coordinate track transitions, cue points, and EQ adjustments. Familiarize yourselves with each other’s DJing style to anticipate and complement each other’s moves. Don’t forget to give each other the physical space behind the booth to mix at ease, so when taking turns, make sure to move out of the way.

Adapt to the crowd

While you may have planned your set meticulously, it’s crucial to remain adaptable. Pay close attention to the audience’s reaction and mood. Be prepared to adjust your track selection and energy level accordingly to keep the dance floor alive and vibrant.

Embrace the unexpected

B2b sets often include surprises, whether it’s your partner dropping a track you didn’t expect or unexpected technical difficulties. Embrace these challenges and use them as opportunities to showcase your creativity and adaptability. A good b2b set is as much about responding to the unexpected as it is about planning.

Record and reflect

After your b2b set, review the recording to analyze your performance. Identify areas for improvement and discuss them with your partner. Reflecting on your set will help you grow as a DJ and prepare better for future collaborations.


Preparing for a b2b set requires careful planning, practice, and communication with your partner. By choosing the right collaborator, planning your set, organizing your music library, practicing together, and remaining adaptable, you can deliver a memorable performance that leaves your audience wanting more. Remember that a successful b2b set is not just about technical skills but also about the chemistry and synergy between you and your partner, so enjoy the journey of creating music together.