Official statement regarding price increases


This is to inform you that a price increase will be applied starting this summer and in September with respect to many of our products. We regret having to make this announcement, and will endeavor to limit the price increases so that they will impact you as little as possible. The worldwide pandemic has now had other effects including a shortage of components, disorganization in terms of worldwide supply networks, and disruptions in the transport chain.


All of these breakdowns (with a return to normal not expected before 2022) have resulted in increases with regard to all costs in the creation and production phases for our products. It is important to us to respect our values, and we will continue to offer you all of our product lines with an emphasis on maintaining quality, ongoing innovation and ensuring that all aspects of our operations run smoothly. After having analyzed all possibilities and having made changes to a variety of our working procedures in order to attempt to avoid this impact, we regret that we are obliged to proceed with these temporary adjustments, as a result of the continuing challenges we are facing.

Please rest assured that we are fully committed to you, and extremely grateful for your attachment to our brand.

We will do everything within our power to ensure your satisfaction.


Hercules/Guillemot Corporation S.A.