Hercules P32 DJ

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Have fun with your favorite music thanks to creative mixing and remixing tools. Enjoy the perfect combination of body and spirit with the all-in-one Hercules P32 DJ controller, at the crossroads of DJing and performance: Play. Remix. Perform. Put on a show and develop your own style with this versatile controller by playing with the pads, loops, slicers and samplers – and even add great effects. You’ll be creating unique mixes in no time at all!


Loop control

Loop size display + Loop rotary encoder / Picth control


Per deck: 3 EQ, 1 volume fader, cue select / Global: crossfader, headphones volume

3-band equalization

Treble, medium, bass (per deck)

Filter/move encoder

Add filter or user encoder as a jog wheel

Built-in audio

Master out and headphones out

Effects (Fx) rack

4 rotary knobs + 4 keys per rack

Transport keys

Play, Cue, Sync and Shift


Add samples to your tracks. Control your mix in a creative way. Produce an eye-catching show

16 pads x 4 modes

16 pads : 3-colours x 4 modes : hot cue, loop, slicer, sampler



Be creative and inventive. With 2 decks, screens displaying the sizes of loops, effects racks, equalizers, 32 pads and much more, Hercules P32 DJ is perfectly designed for mixing.


Hercules P32 DJ features 32 ergonomic and responsive pads for precise performance and high-quality feel. The intelligence of the DJUCED™ 40° DJ software lets you keep the rhythm and the structure of tracks intact, no matter what you’re doing. All mixing and remixing features are right there at your fingertips.
Put On A Show


Being a DJ is much more than just technical skills and creating a playlist: it also involves your ability to put on a show. Hercules P32 DJ lets you develop your signature sound. The combination of pads, dynamic backlighting and sample packs helps you refine your identity as a DJ. Now it’s on!
Finger Drumming


Practice finger drumming with music production software like Ableton Live, GarageBand, Bitwig Studio, Melodics, and more (not included). Make your mixes perfectly unique.


Integrated built-in audio interface

Mix: two 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo mini-jack outputs for active speakers

Monitoring: 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo mini-jack output for headphones

Controls Per Deck

2 decks

1 MIDI controller mixer

Dual displays indicating loop sizes, effects racks and Cue buttons

Different effects modes: Hot Cue/Loop/Fx/Slicer/Sampler

Perfect synchronization of music tracks

Built-in Slip mode

2 grids of 16 backlit performance pads (three colors: red, blue, purple)

Controls On Mixer

3-band equalization with potentiometers (bass, mids, treble)

1 volume fader per deck

1 crossfader

The ability to record your mixes live 


To find out the system requirements for using DJUCED with your PC/Mac, please visit cette page.

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Hercules P32 DJ is also compatible with all DJ software open to MIDI mapping, such as VirtualDJ, Cross DJ, Djay, and more (not included).

DJ Controller

Hercules P32 DJ


USB cable


Quick Start Guide


Full version of the DJUCED® 40°
DJ software included