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Easy to use, version 4.0 of the DJUCED® DJ software is the full-featured, intuitive solution for music fans looking to get started in the world of DJing. DJUCED® makes it easy to jump right in, and includes interactive help along with built-in video tutorials from the Hercules DJ Academy to guide users through learning the basics and developing their skills. DJUCED® also offers powerful features for more advanced users, opening up creative possibilities without any limits: enjoy standard 2-deck mixing, or step up to a 4-deck remixing display that's custom-made for performance. What's more, the unique functions incorporated into the IMA (Intelligent Music Assistant) make it easy for all DJs to select the best upcoming tracks for their mixes — while they're learning, or during performances.




The DJ Academy offers quality courses in the form of video tutorials available right within DJUCED®: users will love being able to access them quickly and easily, without even having to leave the software. Now that’s convenient! Watch the videos while you’re practicing on your controller, so you can follow the tips and put them right into practice.



The IMA includes 3 key functions:
– The ASSISTANT suggests the best-suited upcoming tracks from your music library.
– The ENERGY control knob lets you set the mood for the party, and make sure that the tracks you’re playing have exactly the right vibe. Adjust the energy level from blue (a more laid-back atmosphere) to red (when you want to heat things up, and really get the crowd dancing).
– The TRENDING SONGS feature uses DJUCED®’s artificial intelligence to show you some of the most popular tracks, to always keep your mixes on the cutting edge.



In addition to the built-in Loopmasters sample packs, you can create your own samples by importing them directly from the track that’s currently playing — just by dragging and dropping! Easily access your files and playlists thanks to the smart, intuitive browser.



DJUCED® unleashes your creativity with a variety of extremely helpful features that let you stay totally focused on your mix:
– Full synchronization between the audio decks and sampler decks.
– Snap (everything you do with Cue points, loops etc. always stays right on beat); Quantize; Slip (no matter what you do in terms of scratching, looping or using Cue points, when you’re done, the playback position automatically returns to where it would be if you hadn’t manipulated the audio).

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