Hercules and The DJ Coach team up to challenge young DJs to make their own 15-minute mix in 7 days!

For nearly 20 years, Hercules has been driven by their desire to open up DJing to all by supporting fledgling DJs as they pursue their passion for mixing music. Their clear promise: to offer an innovative solution that makes learning how to DJ easy and allows everyone to master the techniques needed to add their own unique sound to a mix. Today, Hercules is proud to announce their partnership with DJ HAPA, the founder of The DJ Coach, to enrich their program with two sets of 7-day courses: just 30 minutes a day to challenge their users to learn to DJ. The first is hosted within the Hercules DJ Academy and focuses on Hercules’ proprietary DJUCED® mixing software, and the second lets users learn on Serato DJ Lite via The DJ Coach website.


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