Gaming solo




Are you big into video games, and looking to share your exploits with the whole world — live? Imagine this scenario. You start up your session of your current favorite game with incredible art direction, captivating dialogue, and exceptional music — all brought together to share dozens of hours of great adventures with your community.


Then, after a few minutes, your chat feed starts bombarding you with comments criticizing you for playing your music too loud, or your voice being too low in the mix and hard to hear. The stress builds up, you get lost in the interface and your stream starts to go down the drain. What a catastrophe!

To avoid this type of frustration, Hercules’ experts have designed audio controllers specially designed for streaming — and have prepared specific tutorials explaining how to quickly and easily set up your Stream 100 or Stream 200 XLR audio controller.

How can I configure my audio
for solo game streaming with headset mic

How can I configure my audio
for solo game streaming with USB mic

How can I configure my audio
for solo game streaming with XLR mic

Choose a Stream audio controller


The first step to a high-quality streaming session is choosing the right audio mixer. Opt for a Stream 100 controller if you have a setup with a USB microphone, or a Stream 200 XLR controller if you have a setup with an XLR microphone. The latter also has the advantage of allowing for independent control of the volume for the creator/streamer, and for his or her audience.


Set up the Stream audio mixer


In these tutorials, you’ll find all the possibilities offered by our audio controllers to let you stream with total peace of mind:


  1. Control of the master volume
  2. Control of your microphone’s volume level
  3. Control of volume levels by source/app (video games, music, Web browser…)
  4. Connecting to OBS: Start/Stop Streaming, management of the streaming scene…
  5. Opening up Web pages using the URL Launcher (YouTube…)


This will allow you to carefully adjust the levels for your game, your voice, or any other audio source. A perfect balance ensures an immersive audio experience for your viewers, allowing them to fully enjoy your game while capturing every nuance of your commentary.


Test the audio setup


Before you start your streaming session, we recommend that you do a thorough test of your audio setup. Make sure that all of the levels are optimal, that the effects are well-adjusted, and that the audio quality is impeccable.


By following these configuration steps, you’ll be ready to give your audience an exceptional solo gaming streaming experience. Choose your Hercules Stream audio controller wisely, carefully adjust the settings, and immerse your viewers in the captivating world of your virtual adventures.