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Max O. (Netherlands)

"Hercules has really top products it is nicely cleverly arranged with everything you need. I don't need gold controllers just the most beautiful easy to use."


Rady J. (Czech Republic)

"I realy liked the DJControl Instinct, because of its mobility. I searched on Hercules websites and found Inpulse 300 and I was like « hell yeah I want it! »"


Florian G. (Germany)

"I find the design very cool and simple, which made beginners like me happy. Because when you see so many buttons as a beginner, you do not know where to start."


Lova R. (France)

"I bought the Hercules DJConsole RMX2 in 2013 to evolve and I use it at this time. It's very easy to learn DJing with this Console."


Alex R. (India)

"Hercules Universal DJ was my first controller that I started DJing with — it was the best affordable controller that I found."


Mohamed H. (Egypt)

"The first thing that made me start DJing is that I love to see everyone smiling and dancing. I'm a professional DJ, and I love Hercules controllers."


Frederik P. (Germany)

"In three years of owning and using the RMX2, I came to believe that it’s a dependable, useful tool which is absolutely worth trying out."