Hercules is celebrating 1 year of official, royalty-free music tracks

In addition to finding the product that best fits your needs, the Hercules DJ team is proud to provide a range of services to enrich your DJ experience. Download the official Hercules royalty-free music tracks and share your sets with total freedom! Download visuals and overlays to personalize your online performances, and consult tutorials from our DJs to learn and improve your skills!

DJControl Mix

The DJ controller for Android or iOS smartphones


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Watch video tutorials from our DJs to learn and improve your skills!


This month's selection

Download the official tracks by Hercules for free, mix them, have fun, and share your sets online freely.

Since 1982, we’ve been putting our passion for music right at the heart of our innovations and the development of our audio solutions. From the first sound card that we designed for PCs to the first portable digital DJ controller with a built-in audio interface, our creativity has allowed Hercules to become a major player in the world of interactive entertainment.

Hercules completed a total brand refresh in 2018 with a stronger identity, more innovative solutions for learning how to mix, and even higher-performance products for mastering all the essential DJing techniques.

In 2021, with the soaring popularity of livestreaming and the challenges relating to copyrights and royalties, we began developing a whole suite of services to provide the most comprehensive DJing experience for beginners, and more advanced DJs as well. We offer royalty-free music and customized graphics to help DJs really stand out when they’re performing online. We’ve also developed the very first ultra-compact DJ controller fully designed for use with smartphones, allowing users to have fun mixing, scratching and creating amazing mashups — quickly and incredibly easily.

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