Multiplayer gaming streaming & audio optimisation





So you’re a fan of wild multiplayer games, and are thinking about launching your own Stream? You start up your session, invite your best friends… but then something goes wrong. The sound is unbalanced — your viewers can’t hear anything, the music is too loud. No matter how hard you search through the settings, the tension builds and the experiment turns into a fiasco.

Hercules has created audio controllers specially designed for streaming, so that you never have to go through this kind of unfortunate experience again: Stream 100 and Stream 200 XLR.

To help you properly set up these audio controllers for your multiplayer games, the teams at Hercules are happy to offer a series of quick and effective tutorials. That way, you’ll never have to worry about any sound problems again.

How to set up my audio controller for a multi game stream with an headset

How to set up my audio controller for multi game streaming with USB mic

How to set up my audio controller for multi game stream with XLR mic

Choose the Stream audio controller that’s right for you

In order to deliver a high-quality audio experience to your virtual audience, it’s best to be well-equipped. There are two great solutions to help you achieve this: the Hercules Stream 100 and Stream 200 XLR controllers. The latter incorporates independent volume control for creators and their audiences, and lets you plug in an XLR microphone for the ultimate in sound quality.

Set up the Stream audio mixer

In these short tutorials, you’ll discover all of the possibilities opened up by our controllers, step by step:

  1. Controlling the master volume
  2. Controlling your microphone’s volume level
  3. Controlling volume levels by source/app (video games, music, Web browser…)
  4. Connecting to OBS: Start/Stop Streaming, management of the streaming scene…
  5. Opening up Web pages using the URL Launcher (YouTube…)

This will allow you to carefully adjust the levels for your game, your friends’ voices, and any other audio sources. A perfect balance ensures an immersive audio experience for your viewers, allowing them to fully enjoy your multiplayer game while capturing every nuance of your commentary.

Test the audio setup

Before you start your streaming session, the Hercules team recommends that you thoroughly examine your audio setup. Check your sound levels, effects and the overall quality of your sources, to provide a seamless experience.

Follow the different configuration steps to give your audience a truly satisfying multiplayer gaming streaming experience. By choosing a Hercules audio controller, you’ll ensure that your viewers can experience all of your adventures in the best possible conditions.