Led Wristbands Pack

The must-have for your parties!

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Want to shine at parties and add a new fun, multicolored dimension? With
its limitless creativity, Hercules is thrilled to offer a pack of LED
wristbands to light up nighttime festivities and get-togethers to the beat of
the music.




The microphone built into the wristband detects sounds and vibrations, allowing the flashes of light to sync with the music and the ambiance. It’s a great little extra to give your parties a boost and make them unforgettable – without any constraints.



Bring them with you anywhere! The Hercules LED wristbands are super fun, lightweight and easy to put on and take off – no matter where the party is, or what kind of music you’re listening to.



Extremely simple to use, the wristband goes right around your wrist, and features a handy quick-attachment clip. A switch powers the lighting on or off, to save battery power when the wristband isn’t being used. You’ll be using these accessories for a long time to come!



The pack includes ten colored silicone wristbands: two red, two blue, two green, two purple and two orange. Bring a new level of fun and vibrancy to your parties!

Technical specification

10 LED wristbands

2 x 5 colors: red, blue, green, purple, orange

Each wristband works with two included CR1220 lithium manganese dioxide batteries (battery weight: 0.8 g; density: 0.114 W/hour; voltage: 3 V)



10 LED wristbands


User manual