DJ Academy

03 The basics

Pitch fader: lets you adjust the number of beats per minute (BPM). Indispensable in order to adjust both tracks to the same speed before making a transition.

Knob: in DJing, these types of potentiometers are used for adjusting the gain level, equalization and effects.

Crossfader: this makes it possible to transition between multiple audio tracks with a single horizontal fader. When the crossfader is positioned to the left, only the sound of the left deck is heard by the audience over the speakers; the inverse applies when the crossfader is positioned to the right. When the crossfader is in the middle, the audience will hear the tracks playing on both decks at the same time.

Cue: the cue point is the main marker that a digital DJ adds to tracks. Determining a cue point lets you select the moment from which a track will be played.

Hotcue: hotcues are additional marker points in tracks (apart from the main cue point), which you can instantly jump to at any time.

Jog wheel: the flat “wheels” found on most DJ controllers. Jog wheels emulate the behavior of a vinyl record on a turntable. Using Jog wheels, the DJ can temporarily speed up or slow down a track, scratch on a track, or simply stop or start playback of a track.

Monitoring: in order to be able to fine-tune upcoming tracks that you’re preparing without people around you in the room hearing what you’re doing, all DJs use a monitoring system: you absolutely need headphones for this. That’s why our DJ controllers feature built-in multichannel sound cards: one stereo channel for the audience, and one stereo channel for the DJ.



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Practice and play for yourself first, trust your ears... and then play for friends and family.
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