Karla Kenya

Karla, music has always been your passion and you have been living for that, you are a professional DJ, a music journalist, a TV and radio host.

Is there anything you CAN’T do?
Yes!  I’m the worst driver you’ll ever meet! Many people have feared for their lives with me in the drivers seat!

More seriously, can you tell us how you started your very first steps at Djing?
To be honest, I fell in love with the music first. I spent hours and hours after work researching music and artists. I found so much great music that I felt I wanted to share with people. Djing was the only way to do it.The rest was years of practice at home on actual turntables before I felt confident enough to play in front of people. I was so nervous, I sucked really badly at my first gig.

You live between Berlin and NYC, how does that inspire you?
I love Berlin for its Techno and House Music Culture, you can basically go out every night and find good music playing in little venues you’d never expect. It helps me stay on track with whats popping in the underground house scene. NYC is all about speed and performance. Being an entrepreneur the “New York Hustle”-Mentality makes it easy for me stay focussed on the business side of things.

Name of your favorite spot to party in both cities Berlin and NYC:
Thats a tough one…it changes all the time, the best parties I’ve played were actually outdoors, IPSE is always a good location in the summer. NYC has tons of great spots.

What has been so far your best DJ experience?
Playing Swaziland’s Bushfire Festival last year. That festival was very special because it was my first time playing in my mothers home country in Africa. It felt like coming home and people went nuts over the music! The Swazis know how to party!

If you have to pick one:

Which artists have been driving your passion?
I grew up listening to Soul Music and lots of Pop Music. As a woman I was always inspired by Madonna, her ability to change her sound and always reinvent herself over so many years, without giving a sh* about all the critics. Stevie Wonder always touches my soft spot. Michael Jackson to me is still the most talented artist of all time.

How do you feel about having a gig with another DJ? Who would you DJ with in a gig?
IT’s always fun playing with colleagues. I always try to catch at least 10 Minutes of the DJ playing before me so I can observe the crowd and catch the vibe of the night. Sometimes you have to totally switch it up and play tracks you didnt expect to play because the vibe is totally different.

There quite a few colleagues I’d like to play with, Jazzy Jeff would be a good start

What do you wish you knew when you started your career as a pro DJ ?
I wish I had known what a toll those many long nights take on your body! I would have started working out and eating healthy a lot earlier!!! LOL Truthfully I wish i had known a lot mroe time than I thought it would to become good & confident in your craft.

What would be your main tips and tricks for anyone who wants to start to DJ?
Don’t worry so much about the perfect mixing skills, that will come with practice. Be passionate and on point with your choice in music. The crowd will always remember the music that was played and how it made them feel.

Finally, do you have any cool projects coming in the future?
I will be producing more Music & Lifestyle Content for national german Television, Coming from Radio Broadcast that’s really exciting! I also have another exciting project in the works, you’ll hear about it soon.

“It’s the absolute best bit of kit for starting on. I had one, partied hard with it and had some of the best times of my life.”