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The essence of DJing in an intuitive and innovative app!

DJUCED™ App is one of the most comprehensive DJing applications
available for tablets, offering all of the functionalities required to
deliver complete, flawless and frustration-free mixes. DJUCED™ App
offers an unrivalled feature set for preparing mixes or lighting up a
live party. And best of all, it's so simple to use!



DJUCED™ App: the waveform revolution! Visualize your sound, and see the tempo like never before! DJUCED™ App waveforms feature an innovative method displaying 3 colors at the same time: 1 for bass, 1 for mids and 1 for treble.



Because mixing is essentially a matter of feel, sensitivity and dexterity, the DJUCED™ team has optimized the application’s user-friendliness and ease of use: all features are placed at the user’s fingertips, in the application’s DJ toolbar, which gathers all features around an intuitive and iconic panel.


It’s all about the music: a smart and user-friendly browser. DJUCED™ App offers easy access to your iTunes library and playlists. Featuring a Smart Search function and comprehensive sorting options (title, artist or BPM), it’s always quick and easy to find the perfect song.


All important DJing functions are right at your fingertips. DJUCED™ App is truly comprehensive and offers a full equalizer, a rich loop feature (to create perfect loops synced to the tempo with adjustable length), scratching, up to 3 Hot Cue points allowing you to jump to the perfect spots in your songs…

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