DJ Control Glow

Let there be the light

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Get started discovering the world of DJing with a unique controller featuring extraordinary effects. The interstellar look and easy-to-use design will awaken the force in budding DJs! Prepare your favorite music tracks on your computer, connect a pair of speakers and/or headphones, connect your controller to a computer (Mac or PC) and get started with your first mixes.

Loop / Effects (FX) controls

In loop mode, 4 length of loops / In Fx mode, 4 effects


Per deck: 3 EQ + volume fader + preview select / Global: cross-fader

3-band equalization

Treble, medium, bass (per deck)

Track controls

Jog wheel Play/Pause and Cue

Glow light

Green hallo to backlight the controller case

Pitch controls

Sync key + Rotary button to set speed + Pitch bend (-/+: set temporary speed)



Bring a fun new and magical dimension to your parties with DJControl Glow’s lighting effects. Dazzle your friends with this see-through controller that lights up as soon as you start to use it, thanks to its 24 backlighting sources.

Mix At The Fingertip


The jog wheels, crossfader and volume faders let you quickly and easily mix your favorite tracks together.



Let your imagination and creativity run wild. Use effects, cue points and loops to adapt the mix to your DJing style.



Ultra-lightweight and compact: enjoy mixing wherever and whenever you like with the DJControl Glow.

Controls Per Deck

2 decks

2 jog wheels

2 modes (Loop and Fx) per deck

Controls On Mixer

3 equalization potentiometers per deck (bass, mids, treble)

1 volume fader per deck

1 crossfader

Pitch control: adjust your track’s playback speed using a potentiometer


Full version of the DJUCED™ 18° DJ software included Compatible with Traktor and VirtualDJ software.

Minimum system requirements:

Computer with 2 GHz CPU or faster

2 GB RAM or more

Powered USB port

100 MB available hard drive space

Internet access

Amplified stereo speakers and/or headphones

Operating system (32-bit/64-bit):

Microsoft Windows® Vista/7/8/10

MacOS® 10.7 or later

DJ Controller

Hercules DJControl Glow


USB cable


Quick Start Guide


Full version of the DJUCED™ 18°
DJ software included

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