DJControl Compact

The essentials of mixing at your fingertips

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The ultra-mobile DJControl Compact controller puts the essentials of mixing right at your fingertips. Compact, complete and charismatic, it’s the must-have “on the go” mixing companion. Take it with you wherever you go to get started in the world of mixing, hone your skills, prepare your mixes and throw great parties anytime with your friends.


Per deck: 2 EQ (Bass & Medium), 1 deck volume rotary / Global: 1 crossfader

4 pads x 4 modes

Loop, Fx, sample, hot-cue

Track controls

Wheel Play, Cue, Sync



Ultra-lightweight and compact, you can take it with you wherever you go – in your backpack or laptop shoulder bag, for example. Mix at your friends’ places or when you’re away on vacation.



Small but powerful, equipped with a ton of essential features (2 jog wheels, 4 pads per deck…), DJControl Compact is perfect for getting started in the world of DJing. Learn how to mix your favorite tracks with no pressure.

Mix At The Fingertip


Scratch naturally and without any latency thanks to the jog wheels, which also control the pitch and navigation within tracks. Perfect your sound with Cue mode, samples, loops and effects buttons.



Highly-intuitive features for creating loops, adding effects and playing samples, thanks to the unrivalled feel of the 8 large, backlit pads!

Controls Per Deck

2 decks

2 jog wheels:

- Scratch naturally with the jog wheels

- The jog wheel is also used to control the playback speed of your track

4 modes (Loop/Fx/Sample/Cue) per deck

10 control buttons including a SHIFT command allowing you to double all of the pads’ controls

4 pads per deck (1 color: blue)


Full version of the DJUCED™ 18° DJ software included.

Compatible with the most popular DJ software (Traktor, VirtualDJ…) and with all MIDI-compatible software.

Minimum system requirements:

Computer with 2 GHz CPU or faster

1 GB RAM or more (64-bit OS: 2 GB RAM)

Powered USB port

100 MB available hard drive space


Internet access

Amplified stereo speakers and headphones

Operating system (32-bit/64-bit): Microsoft Windows® Vista/7/8/8.1/10; macOS® 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10 on Mac Core Duo

DJ Controller

Hercules DJControl Compact


35.4” / 900 mm USB cable


Quick install guide

User manual


Full version of the DJUCED™ 18° DJ software included

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