Hercules WiFi USB 802.11G (HWGUSB2-54) - Hercules

Hercules WiFi USB 802.11G (HWGUSB2-54)

Wireless freedom for your desktop and laptop PCs!

  • Wireless freedom for your desktop and laptop PCs!



  • The latest official WiFi Standard: 802.11g : up to 54Mbps
  • Compatible with all 802.11b products
  • The latest security level : WPA/WPA2 (WEP) : just need of a password!
  • Hercules "WiFi Station" Software fully user-friendly
  • WiFi SCAN function to remain aware about the WIFI environment
  • Dedicated Hotline on end-users hours for full support



Technical specifications

Ease of use

  • Hercules "WIFI Station" Software conceived for both beginners and advanced users
  • The software is an in-house software development
  • Standardized 802.11g to fully support all other WIFI devices
  • Easy Security Set-up Management included
  • Paper manual in support in local language
  • External device with USB 2.0 plug
  • Full compatibility with USB 1.1
Versatile Product : Follow your expectations
  • Thanks to its cradle : you can place the device where you estimate it will locate the best the WiFi signal
  • The cradle assures you a stability and ease when located on the desk
  • Full compatibility with the "b" and "g" standard to secure the interoperability through the time
  • When on the move, the stick can be retrieved from the cradle to become an USB 2.0 WiFi stick delivering the same functionality
Hercules WiFi Station Software
  • User friendly
  • Different levels of expertise to choose according to your own knowledge
  • WiFi SCAN included to be sure to enter the right network
  • Thanks to our WiFi Station Software
    • Allow to know the WiFi networks available
    • Allow the connections to the detected WiFi networks
  • Profiles management
    • to enter different authorized used networks one time
    • Just connect to the profile needed by one click!
  • Very easy security process through WPA understanding
Functions needed by the consumers
  • Sharing the internet everywhere in a neat way, lifestyle
  • Creating easily a sharing file
  • Be able to connect to universal standard
  • Speed enough to do everything : fast internet, files transfer, video streaming
  • Not to open the PC



Box contents

  • Wireless G USB2.0 Stick
  • Cover to protect the stick’s connector during transportation
  • USB 2.0 Cradle with 1m cable (for the USB’s stick)
  • 10cm tiny directional for adapting the USB stick if the USB ports are to close on the notebook.
  • Paper Manual
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • Network usage
    • Network Vocabulary
  • Installation CD-Rom
    • drivers
    • manuals in pdf version
    • « Hercules WiFi Station » Pack



Minimum configuration

Intel® Pentium®, AMD Athlon®/AMD-K6® ou compatible
64Mo of RAM
50Mo free space on hard drive for drivers installation
USB 2.0 or 1.1 available (maximum speed attained with USB 2.0 only)
CD-ROM drive
Windows® 98SE / Windows® Me / Windows®2000 / Windows® XP





WiFi Station

WiFi Station


Technology allowing users to connect a variety of devices in a network, such as computers, game consoles, PDAs... without any wires. The main use is wireless sharing of a home high-speed Internet connection.
WiFi standard allowing for data rates of up to 54Mbps using the 2.4GHz frequency band.
Earlier generation WiFi standard allowing for data rates of up to 11Mbps using the 2.4GHz frequency band.
Security protocol for wireless networks using encryption based on a fixed 64-bit or 128-bit key being used only once, at the beginning of the decryption phase. To decrypt a transmission, each client on the wireless network must use the same 64-bit or 128-bit key. WEP is part of the 802.11 standard, with the goal of ensuring authentication (access is only authorized for those who know the WEP key) and confidentiality (encryption). A WEP key is composed of numbers 0 to 9 and letters A to F (example: A123BCD45E).
High level of security, specially designed for environments such as a small business or the home, using a pre-shared key.
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