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DJControl AIR+

Large 2-deck DJ controller for live performance

  • AIR control
  • 2 large jog wheels
  • 2 x 4 velocity pads



Large jog wheels for a better DJing experience

  • Size similar to jog wheels on DJ CD players:
    • 5.9"/15 cm diameter at the base
    • 5.1"/13 cm diameter on top
  • Mechanical pressure detection for intuitive scratching
  • Over 750 steps per rotation: precise position scanning

Add fun to your mix with the AIR control

  • The contactless sensor lets you control the mix from above, without even touching the device, with 1 ft/30 cm of range
  • DJ CONTROL AIR+ converts the distance to your hand into a MIDI command
  • No need to touch the controller: you control the mix without any physical contact

Velocity pads to express your creativity

  • 4 velocity pads on each deck let you liven up your mixes
  • Instantly trigger sample playback or hot cues with one touch
  • The harder the pads are tapped, the louder the volume of the samples played

Ergonomic design for enjoyable mixing sessions

  • Comfortable size: 17.7"/45 cm wide for plenty of space between controls while performing
  • Soft rubber cladding on rotary caps and transport buttons for easier handling:
    • All transport buttons incorporate a tact switch and soft rubber cladding 
    • All rotary caps feature soft rubber cladding: fingers won’t slip

Versatile microphone input

  • High audio quality for balanced and unbalanced dynamic microphones
  • 2 operating modes to integrate vocals into your mix:
    • Direct pass-through: speak over the music
    • Software processing: record your voice or add real-time effects to your voice

Technical specifications

> 2-deck DJ controller with audio

> Great jog wheels for scratching

• Pressure detection: as intuitive for scratching as turntables
• Large diameter: 5.9"/15 cm
• > 750 steps per rotation

Built-in audio
• Master output
• Headphones output
• Microphone input

AIR sensor
• Long range sensor > 11.8"/30 cm
• View meter for AIR sensor

Mechanical specifications

Enclosure:  17.9 x 10.2" 45.5 x 26 cm
Jog wheels ø : 5.9"/15 cm
Weight : 4.4 lbs./2 kg

Audio specifications


Master 2 x RCA (line)

(ch. 1-2) 1 stereo ⅛" jack
Monitor 1 stereo ¼" jack
(ch. 3-4) (headphones)
1 stereo ⅛" jack


Mic In 1 x ¼" (balanced)




AIR control
Why is the controller called DJ CONTROL AIR+?
"AIR" stands for Adjustment by InfraRed: it is a contactless control.

  • The DJ places his or her hand flat over the infrared beam.
  • The controller calculates the distance between the sensor and the hand, and converts it into a gradual MIDI command.
  • This MIDI command modulates a setting in the DJ software.


Does the AIR control require specific lighting conditions?
No: the AIR control functions under any lighting conditions.

  • The infrared light beam projected toward the hand is invisible.
  • The sensor captures the infrared reflection on the hand, and uses the reflection to calculate the hand’s distance.
  • The reflection is the same in both daylight and low-light conditions, allowing the AIR control to be used during the day, at night or in places with weak lighting.
  • The AIR control functions with all flesh tones. The only incompatibility is the use of black gloves (as the infrared sensor would not be able to detect the reflection).
8 pads
2 sets of 4 pads control hot cues and samples.
  • The DJ taps on the pads with his or her fingertips to send commands such as cue points or samples.
  • The pads light up when touched.
  • In addition to a binary On/Off command, each pad can transfer velocity information to modulate the command.
  • For example: in sampler mode, the velocity can control the volume of a sample’s playback. The playback volume depends on how soft or how hard the DJ taps on the pad.


Pressure-detecting jog wheels
The jog wheels detect the pressure from the user’s hand.

  • With scratch mode enabled ("Vinyl" button to switch on/off), the jog wheels scratch when the hand’s weight is detected, and stop scratching when the hand’s weight is no longer detected. This allows the DJ to:
    • stop playback by pressing on the jog wheel.
    • restart playback by lifting up his or her hand.
    • scratch by turning the jog wheel while pressing down, and stop scratching by lifting up his or her hand.
    • bend the pitch (if playback is on) / browse within tracks (if playback is off) by turning the jog wheels using their outer ring, to avoid applying downward pressure.
  • With scratch mode disabled, the jog wheels bend the pitch or browse within tracks when turned, regardless of the pressure applied.

Box contents

  • Hercules DJ CONTROL AIR+
  • USB cable
  • CD with DJUCED 40°(PC/Mac)
  • Printed + PDF installation guide


Minimum configuration


  • Computer CPU: 1.6 GHz or faster Intel CoreTM 2 Duo or AMD 64-bit
  • 2 GB of RAM or more
  • High-speed USB port (USB 2 or 3)
  • 100 MB available disk space
  • CD/DVD-ROM drive
  • Internet access
  • Headphones + active speakers

Operating system (32/64-bit)

  • MS Windows® XP/Vista/7/8 or
  • Mac OS® 10.6/10.7/10.8


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