DJ Control MP3

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  • The Best Way to DJ Mix in Parties


Dual deck DJ Mix Controller. 2 decks to load 2 music files as if you had 2 turntables
Portable DJ Mix Controller (235x200x65mm). Plugging DJ Control to your laptop makes a mobile beat DJ machine
High precision wheels and buttons for DJ mixing. DJing is easier with real DJcontrol than with a mouse or a keyboard

  • Play one song while preparing the next one
  • Fade gradually from one song to another with the crossfader, so that the music don’t stop
  • Synchronize two songs with the Auto-Beat and Master Tempo buttons
User-friendly mixing solution. Customized version of VirtualDJ® 3, a powerful and intuitive software. DJ Control MP3 makes mixing instinctive



Technical specifications

2-deck controller

  • Mix 2 files in 1 controller
Totally portable
  • Smaller than a laptop
  • USB-bus powered: no extra power needed
2 jog-wheels to mix audio files
  • Move inside the music
  • Speed up/down the playback
  • Scratch
3 faders
  • 1 crossfader (mix 2 decks)
  • 2 volume faders (1 per deck)
6 equalization filters
  • Bass, medium, treble knobs
  • 3 level equalization per deck
VirtualDJ® 3 - Hercules® DJ Control Edition
The hottest MP3 mixing DJ software, ideal for all DJs from beginners to advanced users
  • Breakthrough Beatlock engine: your tracks will always stay on time. Create great mixes faster than ever!
  • Automatic seamless loop: perform astouding remixes live with no preparation at all!
  • Clear song structure visualization: Never get surprised by a break anymore!



Box contents

  • DJ mix controller USB powered
  • 2 jog wheels to mix 2 audio files
  • 2x3 equalization rotary buttons
  • 3 faders (1 cross-fader + 2 volume faders)
  • 2 rotary buttons for the pitch
  • 28 push keys for multiple actions
  • 1 mini-stick to apply effects
  • 1 installation CD-Rom with VirtualDJ® 3 - Hercules DJ Control Edition


Minimum configuration

Pentium® III or Athlon® 850 MHz and higher
USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 port
256 MB RAM and higher
Windows® XP / Vista / 7/ 8

Sound card with headphones output
100 MB hard disk space
CD-Rom drive



VirtualDJ® 3 - Hercules® DJ Control Edition

VirtualDJ® 3 - Hercules® DJ Control Edition
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