eCAFÉ™ EC-1010W - Hercules

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// Attractive, never-before-seen design

  • Black Edition
  • Borderless LED screen
  • Comfortable-to-use "chiclet" keyboard with flat & separated keys 

// Unique Software Pack

eCAFÉtm Email Center

  • Easy configuration for immediate access to all your different mailboxes
  • "Pop-up" alerts for new emails
  • Separate, intuitive management of your mailboxes: switch from one to another with a single click
  • Integrated management of all your contacts
  • Your emails are saved on your eCAFÉtm: read them even when you’re not connected to the Internet!
  • Remote use: retrieve and send


  • View all available WiFi networks and easily connect to the network of your choice
  • Connect to the Internet quickly, thanks to the intuitive interface
  • Easily save all the WiFi networks you use, and your eCAFÉtm will connect to them automatically when they are available

eCAFÉtm Update Manager

  • Update your eCAFÉtm software whenever you want
  • Install new software dedicated to your eCAFÉtm
  • You choose the updates and software you want to install: you have total control over your downloads

eCAFÉtm Webcam Station + Xtra Controller Pro

  • Take full advantage of your webcam with built-in microphone for your chats
  • Take pictures in single shot, burst and timer modes, capture videos and send your creations by email with just one click!
  • Enhanced "Chat & Show" feature: in addition to embedding your photos in your chat sessions’ video flow, you can play your video files live while you comment on them. Have fun dubbing your favorite actors live or record your performances using Webcam Station Evolution!
  • 3x digital zoom and automatic face tracking feature
  • Also show what you are viewing - live (e.g. the website you are currently viewing, etc.)!
  • Hilarious new effects (pop art, Flash animations and more)
Enjoy Microsoft® Office Starter 2010 (with no time restrictions), including:
  • Microsoft® Word Starter 2010
  • Microsoft® Excel Starter 2010
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint Viewer 2010


Microsoft® Security Essentials

  • provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software 

Windows® 7 Starter

  • Instantly locate and open virtually any file on your PC, from documents to emails to songs, right from the Start menu, just by typing a word or two, with Windows Search.
  • Open files and get around your PC faster with the improved taskbar. You can even pin programs you use often to the taskbar so you can launch them in just one click.
  • Open files you use regularly in just two clicks with Jump Lists.
  • Windows 7 has simple new ways to resize and organize open windows.
  • Connect your eCAFÉtm to home networks in just four clicks and easily get to the photos, music, and files on each one - even share printers - with HomeGroup.
  • Windows 7 is designed to make your eCAFÉtm more reliable and responsive.

+ Windows Live Messenger is the easy way to chat, play games, and share photos, instantly.
+ Organize, edit, and share photos easily with Windows Live Photo Gallery.
+ Browse the Web faster and easier with Internet Explorer® 8.
+ Windows Live Movie Maker is the easy way to turn photos and videos into great-looking movies and slideshows you can share on the Web.

+With Windows Live Mail, you can manage your email accounts and share photos by email easily. Put them right in the email and send them without big attachments that can clog inboxes. 


Availability may differ by country


Technical specifications

  • Borderless LED screen: 10.1 inches; 1024*600, high brightness
  • Storage: 250GB HDD (SATA) - 2.5" / 5400 rpm
  • + additional 50GB available online!*
  • Pine Trail processor: Intel® Atomtm N450 (1.66GHz)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • WiFi N technology
  • Battery capacity: 4400 mAh (6 cells), 6 hrs +
  • Comfortable keyboard with separated, flat keys - 88% of a standard keyboard
  • Webcam with built-in microphone
  • Connectors: 1x VGA, 3x USB, 1x Headphones, 1x Microphone, 1x LAN RJ45, 1x DC-in 12V, 1x Card reader: SD/MMC/SDHC/MS

* Please see terms and conditions on our website.


Box contents

  • Hercules eCAFÉ
  • Power supply
  • Power cable
  • Comprehensive manual in PDF Format
  • 4400 mAh battery (6 cells)



eCAFÉ™ Email Center


eCAFÉ™ Webcam Station + Xtra Controller Pro

eCAFÉ™ Update Manager

Windows® 7
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