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Rack Mounting Kit for DJ Console Rmx & DJ Control Steel

Attach your DJ Controller to a Rack

  • Attach your DJ Controller to a Rack


2 rack ears to fix your DJ gear

For DJs who want to attach their DJ gear to:

  • A club rack
  • A mobile rack



Technical specifications

  • Steel Rack Ears for 6U Rack
    • Solid (made of steel)
    • Stylish (grey, with black logos)
  • Compatible with:
    • Hercules DJ Console Rmx
    • Hercules DJ Control Steel
  • Ready to fix your DJ Gear
    • 2 rack ears
    • Screws, nuts and washers




  • 6U rack ears (for 19 inch / 48 cm racks) for DJ Console Rmx and DJ Control Steel



1) Compatible racks

All racks featuring a 6U space can hold our DJ gears:

  • Fixed rack shelves, e.g. as found in pubs, studios or clubs
  • Mobile racks (smaller rack shelves with wheels), carried in a car or a van,
  • Rack cases (e.g. the Odyssey series), which can travel by plane.


2) Can I use these rack ears to attach my Hercules gear to a 7U or 8U rack?

Yes, 6U rack-able elements can be attached to 6U, 7U, 8U or more rack spaces; you will have more space behind your DJ gear if your rack’s size is greater than 6U, but the rack width doesn’t change - it is always 19 inches (48 cm).


3) Are the rack ears the same for the DJ Console Rmx and DJ Control Steel?

Yes, there is only one model of rack ears. The same rack ears feature several holes, positioned to fit both the Rmx and Steel devices.


4) Are these rack ears compatible with the DJ Console Mk2?

No, the DJ Console Mk2 features no rack ears or metal screw holes to fix the rack ears.



Box contents


  • A rack ear cardboard box comes with:
  • 2 rack ears
  • 4 M3 screws (philips head) to attach the rack ears to the DJ gear
  • 4 washers for the M3 screws
  • 4 M6 screws to attach the rack ears on the rack
  • 4 washers for the M6 screws
  • 4 nuts for the M6 screws


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