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For iPod® & iTunes®

i-XPS* 120 Outdoor

  • iPod Music At The Beach, By The Pool, On The Ski Slopes…


The 1st speaker system with certified resistance to water and dust and under Made for iPod® license.

The perfect portable iPod® speaker companion for outdoors. Your iPod® will always be safe closeted within the splash and particle resistant protective compartment. Take it to the beach or the ski slopes with peace of mind!


* XPS: Extended Personal Sound


Technical specifications

  • One-piece 2.0 portable speaker system made for outdoors, under official "Made for iPod®" license
  • IP 53 certified: Protection against water spray and dust
  • 2 water-resistant 7.1cm magnetically shielded broadband drivers
  • Watertight front door to protect the MP3 player
  • Robust shock-resistant rubberized contours
  • Compatible with iPod® Nano (1st, 2d, 3rd generation), iPod® Mini, iPod® (30GB, 60GB, 80GB), iPod® Classic, & iPod® ShuffleTM via line input
  • Total output power: 12 Watts RMS (2 x 6W)
  • External power supply or via 4 C (LR14) batteries (not included) or via car adapter (included)
  • Auxiliary line input to connect an MP3 player or other external source
  • Rear carrying handle (34cm x 16cm x 15cm).
  • Power, Volume, 3D effect, previous/next track controls on front of unit


Box contents

  • i-XPS 120 Outdoor kit
  • Connection cable to your auxiliary audio source, mini-jack to mini-jack
  • External 100-240V power supply + Car adapter
  • Warranty certificate and paper manual


Minimum configuration

iPod® Mini, iPod® Nano (1st, 2d, 3rd gen), iPod® (30GB, 60GB, 80GB), iPod® Classic, iPod® ShuffleTM
Any line level audio source
MP3 player
PC: With sound card





2.0 / Stereo
System for transmitting sound over two channels = stereo.
Magnetic shielding
Magnetic shielding shields against the magnetic field generated by speakers, for example. If a speaker is touching a CRT screen (television or computer), magnetic shielding is necessary to avoid disturbing the display.
3D stereo effect
The 3D stereo effect consists of acoustically simulating a gap between 2 speakers physically positioned relatively close to one another, as is the case when 2 speakers function together as part of a mini Hi-Fi system, television set, radio or single amplified unit. Also referred to as Spatial Stereo, Enhanced Stereo or extended stereo.
Unit reproducing an acoustic wave from an electrical signal which vibrates one or more membranes, the movements creating a sound wave.
Line input
Analog audio input designed to receive an unamplified sound signal. There are 2 line levels: the general public line level, at -10dBv: this is the signal output level of a Hi-Fi component connected to an amplifier via a connector known as a line input. The professional line level, at +4dBu, is much more powerful, and is used to connect studio or public-address (PA) equipment.


03/01/08 - SP - Custom PC - i-XPS 120 Outdoors, no sólo para interiores

Custom PC analiza el i-XPS 120 Outdoor bajo el agua y le da un 82%

"Si tienes un iPod, te gusta la música e ir de excursión , el iXPS 120 Outdoors es un producto muy recmedable"

03/01/08 - BEL - Menzo - Hercules i-XPS 120 Outdoor

"De eerste lentedag in het park, een strandvakantie in Spanje of wandelen in de bergen: met muziek wordt het allemaal leuker! Hercules denkt hier ook zo over en brengt met de i-XPS Outdoor een stof- en spatwaterdicht luidsprekersysteem voor de iPod"

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