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01/10/2012 - Your music, anytime, anywhere: Hercules announces a completely new range of wireless speakers at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

CES Las Vegas, January 10, 2012 -

Drawing from its 20 years of audio expertise, today Hercules is proud to announce its entry into the world of wireless speaker systems.

This move represents a natural evolution for the audio specialist and creator of the first DJ console for computers featuring built-in audio, the first multi-channel surround sound cards for PC and the XPS 101 speakers - all of which have received rave reviews for their sound quality - to cite just a few examples.

Hercules is bringing to the table not only its know-how in terms of audio technologies, but also its extensive wireless expertise as well: Hercules is a leader in USB WiFi adapters in the European market. The brand is also continuing to implement its overarching principle of ease-of-use, found in all of its product ranges.

More than just wireless systems, Hercules is announcing a complete line for 2012 that follows the rhythm of your musical life. Whether you’re the "My computer is my stereo system" type, or "Music? Not without my smartphone", or even "I take my music outdoors", Hercules has the perfect solution designed just for you.

"With this brand new range of products, our goal is to respond to the evolution of usage, as well as to the convergence of users’ electronic devices, with respect to music", explains Agnès Cornière, Worldwide Marketing Director for the Guillemot Corporation Group. "Via their computer or via their smartphone, users want to be able to easily listen to and control their favorite music in the comfort of their home, while enjoying a quality audio experience. This is a transgenerational phenomenon these days, which is why our teams have created a complete line of products."

For all those whose computer has become their stereo system.

For these individuals, their music library and all of the family’s playlists are stored on their computer. They want to listen to their music from anywhere in their home. For all these users, Hercules has created a fully mobile 2.0 system, boasting a staggering battery life and a stylish design.

This is the first opus in the range, which Hercules is unveiling at this year’s CES show. Check it out at the Hercules booth, #25911 in South Hall 2.

For smartphone geeks.

Their smartphone is the main place where they store their music. They want to listen to it anytime, any place, totally hassle-free. They’re looking for a speaker that will meet the mobility of their phone and easily move from room to room. For these users, Hercules is creating a series of wireless audio solutions - equipped with BluetoothTM technology - which can easily be controlled via their smartphone. Whether you’re an audiophile, a highly-mobile technophile, or simply a mainstream user, there’s something designed just for you.

For those who want their music outdoors

Standing out with one of the first purely outdoor kits for iPod that met the IP standards, Hercules is now relying on its expertise to create products designed for outdoor activities -whether picnics in the park, afternoons at the beach, or just barbecuing with friends.

Stay tuned: more information will be coming your way over the next few weeks!

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