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09/07/2011 - Solutions for DJs: the Hercules wave.

London, 8th September 2011 - DJs and mixing fans, get ready: a wave of new DJing solutions from Hercules is about to make a splash! Hercules, the leading brand in mobile mixing consoles for computers, is expanding its product lineup, which up until now has been focused on DJ controllers. The brand is using its 20 years of expertise in computer-based audio to respond in an even more in-depth fashion to the expectations of DJs - whether they’re seasoned experts, amateurs or just starting out.

With this in mind, Hercules has created its first line of DJ headphones, featuring a distinctive fashionable design. This new line is based on high-quality audio and design that’s tailor-made for DJing. Also being launched is the very first Home Studio speaker kit from Hercules: a powerful combination of performance and high-end components.

Finally, in another category (aimed at an even larger number of users), DJ-style speakers will be launched as well; and let’s not forget that a new controller, designed for beginner DJs, will also be unveiled in the next few months.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming days on this new wave of DJing solutions from Hercules!

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