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10/27/2010 - Refined Performers

Hercules delivers elegance and acoustic excellence with new 2.1 system: Hercules XPS 101.

London, October 2010 - Today’s multimedia PCs are placing every-increasing demands on speaker kits, whether it’s delivering the dynamic ambience of a live music event, the captivating soundtrack of an action movie, or the precision audio effects of a multiplayer video game. Yet despite their wide-ranging acoustic workload, multimedia equipment also deserves to be proudly displayed in the user’s living space - as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear.

Hercules, the multimedia audio specialist, has created its new Hercules XPS 101 system to meet these demanding criteria. A high-end 2.1 audio system, Hercules XPS 101 combines acoustic excellence, visual appeal and high-quality materials, resulting in a product well beyond the average speaker set up.

Precise design for refined sound

As excellence in sound quality is achieved through precise design and engineering, Hercules XPS 101 brings the latest technology together with high-quality audio components and materials.

The subwoofer houses 3 drivers: one 6’’ main active driver, and two 6’’ passive pressure drivers. This non-ported design takes up minimum space, while providing the quick response time of compact drivers and all of the deep bass generally reproduced by a large driver. The subwoofer’s wooden enclosure guarantees excellent bass reproduction.

The satellites feature high-performance wideband drivers, which - combined with the speakers’ rounded shape, in which air has room to expand - ensure enveloping, rich and clear sound, with perfectly reproduced treble and mid-range frequencies. In this way, the overall sound is highly balanced and full of subtleties, for enhanced musicality.

Hercules XPS 101 provides 101 watts RMS of output power - ideal for perfect listening enjoyment without any audio deterioration, no matter what you’re using it for!

Stylish, understated design

As always, Hercules has paid particularly close attention to the design of this new speaker kit, ensuring that it provides balanced sound along with total visual appeal, for seamless integration into the user’s living space. The rounded satellites feature a black lacquer finish, with metal back sections and transparent "floating" stands at the bottom: they are both elegant and powerful.

The challenge for the subwoofer was the same: how best to make it captivating for users, both in terms of audio performance and looks. The answer is a completely novel design: it is covered with stylish, dual layer black Lycra fabric, and crowned by a metal plate on top.

A system full of ingenuity

Hercules XPS 101 includes a wired "pulse" remote control that is very intuitive and easy to use, providing precise control of both bass and treble levels, in order to satisfy even the most demanding ears. Press once to power on the system and adjust the master volume; press again to adjust the bass; and press a third time to adjust the treble. Blue backlighting and LEDs - Hercules’ signature touch - guide the user through the adjustments.

For the ultimate in flexibility, users can connect an MP3 player, headphones, a game console and even a headset (using the included cables) directly to the XPS 101 system.

Another clever design feature: all connectors are located on the underside of the subwoofer, leaving its shape and lines perfectly harmonious and unspoiled.


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