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07/09/2009 - Hercules unveils its “Gloss” collection, within its new range of XPS* multimedia speakers.


London, 09 July 2009 - Hercules, the specialist of digital audio solutions, has redesigned its range of multimedia speaker systems, available for less than £40 incl. VAT, with the aim of meeting consumer audiences’ expectations.
Three new speaker kits will be available in September 2009.



Hercules XPS 2.1 35 - A compact & high-performance 2.1 speaker system for £39.99 only*

Hercules reveals its first 2.1 speaker kit, available at a suggested retail price of £39.99* incl. VAT - a very significant feature for consumers demanding quality at an affordable price.
Compact and original satellites and a trendy lacquered black finish: the XPS 2.1 35 features a seductive original design. When it comes to performance, the wooden subwoofer delivers optimum bass levels for music playback. The speaker kit’s total output power exceeds standards in this price range: 25W RMS (2 x 5W + 15 W), 50W peak power.


Hercules XPS 2.1 20 Gloss & XPS 2.0 10 Gloss: redesigned best-sellers

In the 2.1 category, Hercules has renewed one of its best-selling speaker kits - the XPS 2.1 20 Black Edition - and released the XPS 2.1 20 Gloss, available for à £29.99** incl. VAT only.
These wideband lacquered black speakers are reminiscent of hi-fi sound columns, and therefore offer optimum air volume for enhanced sound quality. Total power stands at 10W RMS (including 5W for the wooden subwoofer), while peak power rises to 20W.

Based on the same design, the 2.0 stereo version - the XPS 2.0 10 Gloss - will be available at the suggested retail price of £16.99* incl. VAT only. Hercules has made no compromise in terms of audio quality - a unique and impressive feature in this price range!

Each of these speaker systems is supplied with a wired remote control featuring Hercules trademark: a headphones connector and a line input enabling users to connect their MP3 player and share their music with friends.

*     XPS: Extended Personal Sound
**   Suggested Retail Price




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