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03/02/2009 - Get Connected with Powerline Communications from Hercules *also called HomePlugs

London, March 3rd, 2009 - Hercules, a specialist in consumer-friendly WiFi solutions, is pleased to introduce its new Powerline Communications range. This latest network solution from Hercules, called ePlugTM, consists of new, ultra-simple adapters designed to offer greater home network security as well as greater power efficiency, with energy consumption levels 20% lower than market standards.*
*Currently for 200 Mbps versions

The Hercules ePlugTM range will be available as single units or dual packs, providing 85 or 200 Mbps bandwidth (200 Mbps being the maximum bandwidth available today), and featuring one Ethernet 10/100 port. By connecting one ePlugTM to your modem or Internet box and then to an electrical outlet in your home, simply connect an additional ePlugTM to any other power plug in your home to instantly turn these devices into Ethernet or HD* network connection points. Once connected to the ePlugTM devices by means of an Ethernet cable, computers, game consoles and set-top boxes in all rooms will have access to the Internet or broadband TV**. In short, the ePlugTM lets you enjoy unrestricted broadband access throughout your home!
*ePlug 200 Mbps version
**Each equipment item requires 1 Hercules ePlug adaptor.

"It was a natural move for the Hercules brand to use its expertise and logic to create ultra simple devices in an area of home networking solutions complementary to WiFi, such as Powerline Communications," states Bertrand Gasnier, Development Manager for Hercules. « For this new range, we also sought to include high-performance and reliable technologies, which are indispensable in the field of data transfers; and as a result, we chose Intellon."

"The combination of Hercules’ expertise in the field of consumer electronics and the better performance, lower operating power and new features made available in the INT6400 will translate into excellent powerline products for the consumers who buy these new Hercules products," said Rick Furtney, president and COO of Intellon Corporation. « These new powerline products from Hercules will, we believe, be the first of such INT6400-enabled products available to consumers within the European retail market.*."
*featured in ePlug 200 Duo and Solo devices

Greater simplicity
Installing an ePlugTM device couldn’t be easier: just connect it and it’s ready to operate! A quick start guide is included with both versions to assist less experienced users. The ePlugTM 200 features a pairing button that, when pressed, enables users to add additional Hercules ePlugTM adapters or compatible products and extend their existing Powerline Communications network. For the ePlugTM 85 version, pairing is perfomed very quickly via an included CD and a simple Flash installation wizard. A dedicated, user-friendly, web interface will be available on the website when the product range is released this spring. It allows advanced users to supervise their Powerline Communications network, i.e. to check transfer speeds between ePlugTM devices, to reset passwords and more. Finally, these Hercules solutions are compatible with all DSL boxes and guarantee an Internet connection that is as stable as a wired network.

Greater security
With the Hercules ePlugTM devices, the created network does not extend beyond the home, guaranteeing 100% secure data transfers. Contrary to many standard solutions, each Hercules ePlugTM pack features its own password and provides a pre-secured network: no need to bother with additional complicated software applications or CDs.

Greater power savings
The Hercules ePlugTM 200 features the latest-generation Intellon 6400 chipsets, which lowers the adapter’s consumption by 50% when in standby mode, providing 20% greater savings than those offered by the market’s current standards - a genuine incentive for modern households seeking to save energy.

The complete Hercules ePlugTM range:
- The dual adapter packs, ePlugTM 200 Duo and ePlugTM 85 Duo, will be available at the suggested retail prices of £99.99 and £69.99, respectively.
- The ePlugTM 200 Solo and ePlugTM 85 Solo (single adapters) will be available at the suggested retail prices of £69.99 and £49.99, respectively.

Guillemot Corporation is a member of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, and Hercules ePlug devices are certified according to its standards.

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