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02/05/2009 - When the best of the eCAFÉ™ range meets Microsoft® Windows® XP!

Unveiled in the autumn of 2008, the eCAFÉTM EC-800 and EC-900 made a lasting impression by providing a traditional computer’s essential features while also offering all the advantages of ultra-mobile, lightweight, autonomous, smart, reliable devices suited to both outdoor and indoor use. Displaying extreme simplicity and user-friendliness, a wealth of features organisation into well-ordered worlds and the tailored eCAFÉTM ecosystem, these devices clearly defined the spirit of the new product range by Hercules - a range that is now expanding to include new models enhanced with Microsoft® Windows® XP. The new versions of the eCAFÉTM offer a perfect alchemy between an environment praised by many users and Hercules’ philosophy.

A unique and reassuring interface providing intuitive and simple features

With these new devices, Hercules has enhanced the well-known Microsoft® Windows® XP environment with the exclusive eCAFÉTM interface dedicated to communications, multimedia, gaming and work - a well-organised and structured design that adheres to the brand’s initial vision.


Communications World
The eCAFÉTM is the ideal companion to check the news on the Internet or manage one’s emails using Windows LiveTM Mail, whether relaxing comfortably on a sofa or working on a perfect tan at a café’s terrace. It also enables users to share good times and giggles during video-enhanced chat sessions, thanks to the device’s 1.3 Megapixel webcam and the instant messaging software hailed by chat addicts all around the world: Windows LiveTM Messenger, the ideal complement for the eCAFÉTM.

Multimedia World
With the eCAFÉTM, everything is simple: whether editing one’s daily pictures with Paint, organising them using the Windows LiveTM Photo Gallery photo manager, quickly zooming on a picture to enjoy its’ finest details using the Multitouch touchpad before finally posting them to one’s Facebook page, or using the latest version of Windows Media Player to kick back with a grin and watch "Mr Bean’s Holiday" while travelling to the airport, and much more. All features are easily accessible and highly intuitive.

Games World
After a hard day at work, what can be more pleasant than kicking back and enjoying a good game? A simple click on the Games world enables users to experiment new chess tactics or to indulge in a brain training session with Brain Challenge. The eCAFÉTM’s Games world offers no less than 10 games, ranging from Connect 4 to Gtris, with more surprises yet to come... A gamer’s paradise indeed!

Work World
The eCAFÉTM is no workaholic. It mainly focuses on work and fun, however, mothers will no doubt enjoy the ability to write letters and hone their holiday budget while hyperactive managers will be pleased to have instant access to their working environment if they need to check over a spreadsheet, proofread a contract or review a spreadsheet. All versions of the document managing software featured on the eCAFÉTM are full, unlimited versions.


A wealth of features suited to all applications

The new versions of the eCAFÉTM offer an unrivalled wealth of features. They indeed include numerous applications to meet the most demanding users’ agreements:

  • eCAFÉTMCONNECT, developed by Hercules®, enables users to surf instantly and effortlessly, regardless of the selected connection mode: Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G*.
  • Windows LiveTM Mail, for efficient personal and business email management.
  • Windows LiveTM Messenger, for chatting with users worldwide.
  • Windows Live Family Safety, for parental control.
  • Windows LiveTM Photo Gallery, for organising, editing and publishing one’s favourite pictures.
  • Windows Media Player 11, for watching films, personal videos and listening to music files.
  • eCAFÉTM Webcam Station by Hercules, for creating and editing photos and personal videos using the Webcam built into the eCAFÉTM or managing quality video-enhanced chat sessions.
  • Internet Explorer 7, the latest version of the Microsoft Internet browser, loaded with brand new features and offering incomparable surfing comfort.
  • OpenOffice.org® version 3, for everyday office tasks (word processing, slideshows, spreadsheets and more)
  • Antivirus Avast 4.8 Professional, for efficient protection and a safe connection.

At all times, Hercules® provides VIP service; tailor the eCAFÉTM to your needs!

From the exclusive eCAFÉTM interface, users can access the dedicated portal providing dedicated contents, setup and configuration wizards, convenient guides and tutorials.

This exclusive portal also provides an attractive feature, with a 30 GB online storage capacity. It not only enables users to store and organise all their multimedia contents, but also allows them to access their files remotely, without even having to first copy them to their eCAFÉ’sTM hard disk drive. Indeed, audio files and slideshow contents can be streamed directly from the online storage space.
In addition, Hercules® provides premium after sales service - a rare advantage in this product category. The eCAFÉTM features a tailored two-year warranty: if required, the eCAFÉTM will be collected from the user’s home and repaired or replaced before being returned to the user or to any other address, all fees covered by the manufacturer. The mandatory preliminary phase is a diagnosis performed by the Hercules® team via the First Class after-sales service, reachable 7/7 by telephone or by email.


Pricing and availability

Featuring a Champagne/Chocolate-coloured casing, the Windows® version of the Hercules® eCAFÉTM EC-800 will be available XXX at the suggested retail price of 249 € incl. VAT from supermarkets, specialised sales outlets and online shops.

Featuring a Magnum/Dark Chocolate-coloured casing, the Windows® version of the Hercules® eCAFÉTM EC-900 will be available in late February at the suggested retail price of 299 € incl. VAT from supermarkets, specialised sales outlets and online shops.


  • Ultra-mobile and lightweight, at less than 1.2 kg
  • Gorged with power, thanks to a 1.6 GHz Intel® AtomTM processor and 1 GB RAM
  • Connected at all times, with its’ Ethernet and Wi-Fi N (g/b compatible) features and 3G+ compatibility* (*dongle not included)
  • Apt to travel, with over 5 hours** autonomy offered by a 6-cell 6000 mAh battery
  • Addicted to movies, with a 8.9", 220 cd/sq. m display, ideally suited to outdoor use
  • Welcoming, with 90 GB of storage space (60 GB on the hard disk drive and 30 GB online storage space)
  • Highly conversational, with a 1.3 Megapixel webcam featuring a built-in microphone
  • Comprehensive, with a card reader (SD/MMC/MC), 3 USB ports and a VGA connector


* 3G dongle not included.

** Tested autonomy: video playback (1,5 hr), Internet surfing, continuous use of the word-processing application and approx. 5 mn standby per hour of use. (Autonomy is liable to vary according to the use of the eCAFÉTM

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