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09/24/2008 - The eCAFÉ™ is the ideal companion for freedom and leisure


After performing several studies implying users throughout the European continent, Hercules has succeeded in designing the eCAFÉTM according to their requirements:

A trendy, fashionable and customisable feel
All the essential features of a standard computer
The user-friendliness and operational speed of a mobile phone

With the eCAFÉTM UMPC, Hercules strikes a perfect balance between Internet connectivity, communication and multimedia applications, on the one hand, and the user-friendliness, leisure and pleasure that standard computers often fail to deliver, on the other.
The device’s configuration has been optimised to ensure sufficient smoothness for multimedia applications (i.e. photo, audio and video) and usual office tasks (word processors, spreadsheets and slideshows).

The eCAFÉTM can be started up very swiftly, at any time, to connect to the Internet, communicate, play, listen to music, watch videos or manage one’s current affairs before being powered down in a few seconds only!

Featuring an elegant champagne & chocolate-coloured casing, the eCAFÉTM also boasts an eye-catching matte screen (8 inches, two available resolutions - one for surfing full-screen and another for zooming in on texts - and constant viewing comfort... even outdoors!), a lightweight design (980 grams - i.e. less than 1 kilogram!) and extensive autonomy (over 3 hours* in real use).

The eCAFÉTM is undoubtedly the ideal travel companion when journeying from Paris to London or taking a round trip from Paris to Brussels with the train. This ultra-lightweight device will follow users everywhere. Thanks to its low consumption and extensive autonomy, the eCAFÉTM enables users to view several films until the closing credits. It is totally silent, and will not bother fellow travellers. Users can even place it on their knees without fear of suffering from the heat!

The eCAFÉTM’s interface will surprise even users that are unwilling to adapt to new technologies, both by its ease-of-use and the single-click access it offers to the device’s many features, classified in to 4 worlds: communication, games, multimedia and work.

It will particularly appeal to all those who wish to stand out and reveal their true personality. On the outside, the eCAFÉTM can be adorned with stickers (several stickers are provided with the device, and others are available online); on the inside, users can customise their eCAFÉTM’s homepage with their own pictures!

* Tested autonomy: over 3 hours in continuous video playback mode, with sound.

Autonomy may vary according to uses.

Communication World

The eCAFÉTM proves ideal for checking the daily news on the Internet in full-screen mode, while sitting at a bar’s terrace, for trading jokes with friends via instant messaging or for sending romantic notes by email.
The eCAFÉTM CONNECT software developed by Hercules allows users to connect to the Internet with ease.
It indeed manages all existing connection options (Ethernet, WiFi and 3G) and automatically stores the relevant information relating to the user’s favourite networks - a precious tool indeed for users prone to forgetting those intricate login credentials!

Multimedia World
With the eCAFÉTM, everything is simple: listening to a web radio while cooking a nice supper, watching that interesting program that was aired two days ago or viewing episodes of one’s favourite TV series over and over again!
Hercules’ eCAFÉTM UMPC also includes codecs allowing users to read the most widespread and frequently used audio and video formats: Divx, XviD, MPEG, MOV, WMV, MP3 and DV - a precious feature indeed for all those who wish to avoid some dodgy downloads...

Play World
After a stressful day at the office, it’s always pleasant to kick back and attain unprecedented high-scores on Bubble Bash, or to put one’s brain to the test with a game of Brain Challenge or Sudoku. The eCAFÉTM’s Play world indeed offers seven games, ranging from Connect 4 to Solitaire... without forgetting Ltris or Mines!

Work World
The eCAFÉTM is no standard PC - however, it does enable users to write their personal mail, to check over spreadsheets, to review and edit documents or to display slideshows using a video projector.

A Web portal dedicated to the eCAFÉTM
In addition to the device’s manuals and guides, to the setup and configuration wizards, to the practical guides and tutorials that allow users to make the most of the infinite wealth provided by the Linux environment and applications, the portal site dedicated to the eCAFÉTM will soon provide the following:
A 30 GB online storage capacity accessible only from an eCAFÉTM
A shop allowing users to purchase unreleased stickers and accessories (a backpack and a carry bag)
Access to the Hercules / GAMELOFT platform allowing users to download new games

A backpack or a carry bag
For the eCAFÉTM, Hercules has designed:
A carry bag suited to the UMPC’s measurements, featuring a smart and convenient design and trendy chocolate and orange colours
A cover, ideal for protecting the eCAFÉTM efficiently
These two accessories will be sold at the price of 24.90 € incl. VAT and 19.90 € incl. VAT, respectively.

Elegant, simple and user-friendly, the eCAFÉTM is the ultimate gift for one’s family and friends - and in addition, it entails no risk of having to turn into a computer serviceman!



The eCAFÉTM is the ideal companion for freedom and leisure:

  • Small and lightweight, at only 980 grams
  • Over 3 hours’ autonomy*, with its four-cell battery
  • Comfortable to use, with its 8-inch screen
  • Powerful, with its 20 GB hard drive and the additional 30 GB available on the eCAFÉTM’s dedicated Web portal
  • Swift, with 512 MB of memory that can easily be extended, if required
  • Seductive, with its customisable design
  • Always connected, with its Ethernet, WiFi and 3G features


Pricing and availability:
The eCAFÉTM is available now at the suggested retail price of 299 € incl. VAT in supermarkets, specialised sales outlets and online shops.



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