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08/28/2008 - Hercules eCAFÉ™: A moment of freedom

Rennes, 28 August 2008. Hercules is launching a new range of UMPC under the eCAFÉTM brand. These devices aim to satisfy the requirements of a new way of life - pure entertainment and the unrestrained ability to share the exciting new contents offered by the Internet world.

After performing in-depth consumer research, Hercules has determined that these UMPC should be designed to offer a subtle balance between computing, communication and connection requirements and the dire need for entertainment, sharing and leisure that the traditional computing world has so far failed to satisfy.

Following this research, and relying on the company’s knowledge of WiFi, video and audio solutions and its’ proven expertise in the design of user-friendly software applications, Hercules aspired to design a range of truly user-friendly UMPC offering unrivalled ease of use, which would meet the requirements defined by these new uses.

The eCAFÉTM’s philosophy is to provide genuine freedom, allowing users to take it everywhere, to settle down at any time to access a page in the Internet world, and to close it just as swiftly; to share a fun moment with friends, to enjoy a coffee at home or anywhere else while browsing selected information, to organise their daily life with weightless ease; to kick back to the sound of music and view the video that everyone is talking about, and to directly trade opinions with their friends or family - in a nutshell, to make the most of the Internet and multimedia worlds. Users will feel compelled to take their eCAFÉTM everywhere, just as easily as they throw their home keys and mobile phone in their bag!

The eCAFÉTM will be built into an ecosystem that allows all users to customise the way they use their device: a streamlined and truly personalised interface featuring a dedicated portal allowing all users to make the most of their eCAFÉTM while receiving all the necessary advice to integrate their device seamlessly into their computing and electronic world.

eCAFÉTM: Take it to go!

The eCAFÉTM range will be released before the end of the year; a first product will be available first in France and Germany on September 24, at the suggested retail price of €299.

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