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08/25/2008 - Hercules invites DJs to its new community website: www.HERCULESDJMIXROOM.com

London, August 25, 2008. Hercules, a worldwide leader in mobile digital mixing consoles for PC and Mac®, is inviting DJs, VJs and all music lovers to get together on its new community website, www.HERCULESDJMIXROOM.com


Following months of development and tweaking, Hercules is happy that fans of its consoles and digital music mixing in general can finally get together on an ultra-comprehensive, function-filled, feature-full website never before offered by any other mixing console manufacturer:


  • The FORUM - The place for debate, questions and answer sessions from the voices of the Hercules DJing community... For all fans, creators and developers, this is the place to exchange points of view regarding hardware and software, as well as DJing tricks, hints and secrets.
  • The EVENT - The Hercules DJ MIX ROOM is running a mixing contest! Anyone can upload his or her mixes and we will judge the best of them and play them on our HERCULES DJ MIX ROOM compilation via our website media player.
  • The NETWORK - Something never seen on a manufacturer’s website! DJs can now network with one another via a personal messaging system, set up profiles and create networks of friends and make public or private comments on their personal profiles. Member DJs can talk about themselves, promote their gigs or discuss group events. Hercules wants to bring DJs together!
  • SPONSORSHIP - Thanks to HERCULES DJ MIX ROOM, the Hercules DJ team is growing! The brand and its sponsorship committee study DJs styles, backgrounds and musical projects and will support those we feel to be the best amongst them.
  • VIDEOS - Check out the latest demos and performances from the Hercules team and the community right here! Everyone can submit their videos, and the best are made available on the website’s media player.
  • The BLOG - Brings daily news about music, mixing, digital DJing and more...Visitors are also invited to chat with the consoles’ development teams!

Come and be part of our community and join those in the know by registering and recommending this site to your friends.....



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