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01/10/2018 - Freestyle BMX Pro Corey Martinez joins the Hercules WAE team

We’re excited to announce our new sponsorship of Corey Martinez this year. Corey is one of the most recognizable faces in the Freestyle BMX world, and the Hercules WAE team is thrilled to have him join us.

Corey has won several awards as Street Rider of the Year, though he spends most of his days traveling and filming killer videos that show off his creative street riding style. Spending so much time out on the streets means he has to take his tunes with him, which is what makes Hercules WAE such a perfect fit for his lifestyle.

The speakers attach directly to his bike, and survive the bumps and grinds of his rough riding style. Keep an eye on the Hercules WAE social media channels, and Corey’s own. There will be a ton of cool new riding videos to come. 

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