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01/09/2018 - The WAE Outdoor 04Plus Party Pack: a unique party pack to live your adventures to the fullest.

Discover the WAE Outdoor 04Plus speaker and its 5 LED wristbands that light up in sync with the music.

A rugged speaker plus LED wristbands for a unique party atmosphere. The WAE Outdoor 04Plus speaker lets you wirelessly listen to music from any Bluetooth device. Thanks to its IP66 certification, the speaker resists water jets, dust and even sand. Its rubber end-pieces ensure excellent shock resistance.

With an incredible 12 hours plus of battery life, the WAE Outdoor 04Plus will be the ultimate partner in all your adventures. Take this rugged, compact speaker and its 5 interactive LED wristbands with you everywhere, for a great party atmosphere wherever you go, whether in the city, or more extreme outdoor celebrations. Round up your friends, grab your WAE OUTDOOR 04PLUS PARTY PACK and get ready to create some unforgettable memories.

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