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09/27/2016 - Hercules Party Pack : Party-Time all inclusive*

Bring home the magic of sound and light!

Rennes, September 27, 2016. Hercules recreates the magic of a sound and light show in your home with 3 Hercules DJ Party Packs, scheduled for release by the end of this year. A unique offer combining a complete and intuitive DJ controller with the first components of Hercules’ "party time" ecosystem.

With these Party Packs, Hercules’ DJing teams have decided to add a new dimension to the highly acclaimed controllers praised by party lovers worldwide. Indeed, the brand is now looking to expand its horizons beyond simply mixing approach, in order to offer a party-focused ecosystem.
Three "Party Packs" will indeed soon be released: the DJControl Instinct P8 Party Pack, the DJControl Instinct Party Pack and the DJControl Air Party Pack. These unique packs include a party-focused accessory design to spice up celebrations everywhere and provide DJs with turnkey solutions.

DJControl Instinct P8 Party Pack: your mix becomes an interactive light show.
Featuring with the brand’s latest release, this pack will contain the DJControl Instinct P8, a robust and complete all-in-one mobile solution featuring 8 multicolored pads, built-in audio and essential mix and remix features, combined with 8 light wristbands that light up in sync with music. This system offers unrivaled ease of use: simply turn on the wristbands to instantly synchronize them with the music and light up the dance floor, as the wristbands pulsate with 16 different colors.
This modern and innovative pack adds a participatory dimension to parties, enabling DJs to invite their audience to create a unique atmosphere. Featuring a sustainable design, these wristbands contain easily replaceable batteries.

DJControl Instinct and Air Party Packs: beyond sound, play with light!
These two packs combine the brand’s best-sellers with the Hercules Party LED Light USB, a psychedelic light source designed to heat up your parties.
The DJControl Instinct - the compact, robust and ultra-intuitive controller - and the DJControl Air - the complete controller featuring 8 velocity-sensitive pads and the new contactless Air Control - are graced with a set of new, party-focused features. DJs simply need to bring their computer to the party, while Hercules takes care of the rest! Indeed, thanks to the USB technology built into the LED Party Light and controllers, any computer can power and enhance your parties with a unique atmosphere worthy of the best nightclubs.

• The DJControl Instinct Party Pack, the DJControl Instinct P8 Party Pack and the DJControl Air Party Pack will be available in autumn/winter 2016, at the suggested retail prices of €99.99, €129.99 and €149.99, respectively.


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