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Featuring an interstellar design that will awaken the force within aspiring DJs, the Control Glow is available now - the first DJ controller to offer innovative light effects and the newest deck from Hercules, a leader in digital DJing for 12 years.

Offering intuitive controls, compatible with PC and Mac® systems, all it requires for users to start mixing is a computer, a set of connected speakers and a handful of audio files.

With its two decks, central mixer, two jog wheels to navigate within music tracks, a crossfader and two volume faders, DJControl Glow is very easy to handle and use, even for the younger or less experienced DJs.

DJUCED 18° mixing software is included with the controller. The controller is very intuitive, therefore allowing you to acquire the instincts of a DJ, like placing a Cue point, syncing two tracks or creating loops.
DJControl Glow also allows you to personalize your mix by using the EQ buttons, adding effects, loops, and recording all this into an audio track to share with friends.

Finally, DJControl Glow can be carried anywhere, weighing less than one kilo / 2.2 pounds and measuring 19 x 26,5 cm /7.5 by 10.4 inches.

So, are you ready for the ‘Glow’ experience and to be the ‘master of the galaxy’ by awakening the DJ force within you?

The Hercules DJControl Glow is available now from the Hercules Shop, at the suggested retail price of £69.99 incl. tax.

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