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01/06/2015 - Hercules Universal DJ receives an Innovation Award at CES Las Vegas.

CES Las Vegas, January 6, 2015 - Hercules, a leader in digital DJing, is thrilled to have received the highly-coveted 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree distinction for its unique ecosystem, created for connected DJs: Hercules Universal DJ.
Hercules Universal DJ and the associated DJUCEDTM applications are opening up a whole new era for users: say hello to the DJ Party 3.0!

A complete system allowing users to mix on virtually any platform - PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet (Android or iOS) - Hercules Universal DJ allows for truly innovative DJing: now DJs can finally have members of their audience collaborate with them and vote on the songs to be played, interact with the crowd, receive messages from audience members with dedications or requests, and even review the party and share their thoughts about it on social networks.
Hercules Universal DJ even lets DJs take a break from their computer to enjoy spending some time on the dance floor, while staying in control of their mix from their favorite touchscreen device (smartphone or tablet).

Exclusive: the collaborative and social dimension of DJ parties 3.0

Thanks to an exclusive function included in the bundled mixing software (DJUCEDTM 40°, for PC/Mac), before the party even starts, the DJ can share his or her playlist with invitees and ask them to vote for their favorite tracks: partygoers can cast their votes incredibly easily via a Web app accessible free of charge from any connected device. DJs can then be confident of having playlists that their audience will definitely want to hear!
DJs can even open up voting while the party is in progress (via smartphones and the Web app), and follow the votes in real time simply by checking the DJUCEDTM Master app on their secondary screen (tablet or smartphone).
Via the Web app, partygoers can send the DJ short messages or dedications (up to 140 characters in length), with song titles or artists that they’d like to hear: this unique level of interaction between the DJ and the audience is sure to create moments which are even more memorable for everyone involved.

Connected DJs via social networking

Using the DJUCEDTM Master app (for smartphone or tablet) and the included My Stats module, DJs can even give their live impressions of the party (or after the fact) and instantly share their thoughts - about the ambiance, the partygoers, the dancers or even the style of music - on social networks.
It’s a dream come true for "connected DJs"!

3 ways to connect and mix

There are 3 different ways to connect the Hercules Universal DJ controller:
With a Mac or PC, via the USB connection and the included mixing software: DJUCEDTM 40°.
With a computer combined with a touchscreen device, connected via built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and using the custom DJUCEDTM Master app (available for free on the App Store and Google Play*).
With a tablet on its own, connected via Bluetooth® technology and using DJUCEDTM App (available on the App Store and Google Play).


Hercules Universal DJ is available at a suggested retail price of £179.99 (taxes included). To check it out for yourself, be sure to visit Hercules at CES Las Vegas, the Venetian Hotel, Veronese 2504 meeting room, from January 6th to 9th, 2015.


* For Android, please see the compatibility details here.


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