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01/17/2008 - Introducing the Hercules DJ Console Rmx

NAMM Show, California, January 17th, 2008

The new professional DJing solution designed by the trailblazer in portable digital audio mixing controllers

Hercules, the creator of the first dual mixing deck featuring built-in audio for PC, reveals the Hercules DJ Console Rmx, a digital audio console designed for advanced and professional DJs.

Stellar features include a solid metal casing, broad surface, well-designed, accessible buttons and knobs, precise and comprehensive controls, a built-in audio interface with 4 inputs & 4 outputs and an aggressive price. Get ready to see how the DJ Console Rmx is the most comprehensive digital dual mixing deck in its category!

"The success of our products has helped spread the brand name Hercules throughout the DJing world. We consolidated our experience by consulting with professional DJs and submitting a survey to some 1,300 DJs throughout Europe and US, which enabled us to confirm their needs and expectations" states François Garet, Development Manager of the DJing solutions range for Hercules. "On the basis of these studies and our own expertise in digital audio systems, we designed a next-generation DJ Console: a professional solution offering enhanced performance, comfort, solidity and precision. Hercules is committed to following and supporting DJs as they evolve by offering a digital audio solution worthy of their dedication to music."

Mobility and stability for production and live performances

The Hercules DJ Console Rmx has been designed to enable mobile DJs as well as club & studio DJs to mix digital music. This "nomadic" device simply connects to the USB port of a PC or Mac® laptop. Broad enough in size to allow DJs to mix with unrivalled ease and precision, it is also compact enough to follow users to any event - its measurements (35 x 25 cm) are equivalent to those of a laptop computer.
For live mixing and seamless integration with the DJ’s professional environment, the DJ Console Rmx features a solid metal casing and non-slip pads guaranteeing perfect stability.
Adding to its stability, the device boasts flawless drivers thanks to the competence of the company’s Canadian R&D division and to the expertise acquired by the team over 20 years of experience in computer-assisted audio processing.

Designed for precise, swift mixing

The Hercules DJ Console RMX offers DJs precision and speed in all their moves, thanks to 2 ultra-precise jog wheels for moving within tracks and for scratching, 12 rotary switches, 46 push-buttons, 6 faders - including pitch faders with a center detent - plus an innovative and convenient general volume fader. The roomy layout of the controls allows DJs to perfect fumble-free mixes. Indeed, the controls are designed for quick and intuitive use; DJs will find their marks quickly, allowing them to focus their full attention and ability to the music and the dance floor.
Built-in audio interface with specialized DJing audio features

As an expert in the design of audio interfaces, Hercules determined that the integration of an audio interface featuring 4 inputs & 4 outputs on the Hercules DJ Console Rmx was both obvious and essential. The interface grants access to unique features such as:
’4 audio outputs offering:
’’Maximum sound over 4 mono ¼ in. jack outputs, outputting +4dBu for PA equipment,
’’Audio output levels at -10dBv over 4 RCA outputs, for connecting consumer devices (hi-fi systems, recording devices etc.)
’Simple integration to the DJ’s equipment by means of 2 stereo analog inputs enabling users to mix, via the DJ software, external sources with digital music; the console also features a phono/line-level selector on each input, ideal for connecting turntables, CD or MP3 players and rhythm boxes.
’Microphone (with talk-over feature) and headset (for preview feature) connectors are accessible on the console’s upper face and front face, enabling DJs to use the console with unrivalled ease, whether in a flight case, on a DJ stand or on a tabletop!

Dedicated software for optimum digital DJing control

The Hercules DJ Console Rmx comes with VirtualDJ® 5 DJC Edition, the reference in the DJing world for PC, now also available for Mac. VirtualDJ 5 DJC Edition instantly connects to the console. The software includes features and settings specific to the Hercules DJ Console Rmx, and combines the power of the VirtualDJ mixing engine with the ergonomics of the Hercules DJ Console Rmx.
The Hercules DJ Console Rmx is a MIDI controller and therefore compatible with other MIDI-controlled software applications.

Compatible with standard DJing digital music libraries
The Hercules DJ Console Rmx enables DJs to mix the music files stored on their PC or Mac® in the following formats: MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, OGG & CD Audio, as well as the iTunes® library.

The Hercules DJ Console Rmx will be introduced by Hercules at the NAMM Show in Annaheim, California, USA, from January 17-20, 2008 at booth # 6809, in collaboration with Hercules’ North-American distributor. The device will be available from March 2008, at the recommended retail price of £239.90
It is supplied with a carrying bag ensuring total mobility.

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