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01/07/2014 - Hercules invents “free ride” DJing: CES rides the wireless wave.

Hercules unveils the first wireless DJ controller custom-designed for iPad®, recipient of a CES Innovations Award 2014!

Press release - CES Las Vegas, January 7, 2014.

Hercules, a worldwide leader in audio and digital DJing, is proud to unveil the first wireless DJ controller custom-designed for iPad® at CES Las Vegas.
The new controller’s name was inspired by its sleek, wave-shaped design:
Hercules DJControlWave.

This truly unique and innovative concept has been honored with the highly-coveted CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award 2014.

Its iPad® control via Bluetooth® wireless technology, total mobility thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, and futuristic design make this the undisputed "new wave" DJ controller!

"Free ride" mixing

There’s no need for any kind of cable between the controller and the iPad®: the Bluetooth® connection is instant, and the control totally wireless. When mixing at a party, the DJ is even free to take the iPad onto the dance floor, away from the controller - without ever losing control of the mix! The Hercules DJControlWave’s range is up to 33 feet/10 meters.

The controller’s built-in rechargeable battery is also a huge plus in terms of freedom of movement: say goodbye to the days when a DJ always had to keep the controller connected to a power source. Its battery life allows for a whole night of non-stop mixing (up to 8 hours)!

But you need to play your mix on speakers, don’t you? We’ve got you covered: you can either connect speakers to the iPad via a wired connection, or wirelessly if you’re using a Bluetooth® speaker - in that case you can mix without any cables at all, for the ultimate in DJing freedom!

The "new wave" DJ design: stylized and futuristic

Extremely lightweight and showcasing an elegant look, the innovative design of the Hercules DJControlWave ripples like a wave, and is perfectly crafted to support the DJ’s iPad. The iPad’s angle of support can be adjusted in order to adapt to different DJing positions and styles. All controls are intuitive and ergonomic, including the 2 jog wheels, 2 pitch sliders, buttons for effects, samples and cue points, and rotary encoders for EQ settings.
Even the controller’s backlighting, which adds to its futuristic look, has been designed to be both attractive and helpful: it guides the DJ, even in low-light conditions.

DJUCEDTM DJW: the free, custom control app

The DJUCEDTM DJW app has been specially designed for the Hercules DJControlWave, and was developed to function in perfect harmony with the controller (the app is available for free on the App Store). The app is incredibly simple both to learn and to use to create great mixes, even for those just starting out as DJs.


Although this new controller has been designed for the iPad® (its "Made for iPad" certification is pending), it is also compatible with both Mac® and PC, via a USB connection and using the included DJUCEDTM 40° software.
Hercules DJControlWave also comes bundled with a super-convenient splitter cable - allowing users to connect both speakers and headphones, to privately preview upcoming tracks.

Hercules DJControlWave will be available from spring 2014, at a suggested retail price of £279.99.
To check it out for yourself, come visit us at CES Las Vegas, the Venetian Hotel, Veronese 2504 meeting room, from January 7 through 10, 2014.





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