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12/05/2013 - DJConsole Rmx2 Premium TR

Hercules makes DJing the ultimate show, with a premium kit taking advantage of the DJConsole Rmx2’s audio excellence and eye-catching design.

New York, December 5, 2013 - Hercules, the leader in mobile DJ controllers, is excited to be extending its DJConsole Rmx2 line with the DJConsole Rmx2 Premium TR, a DJConsole Rmx2 controller featuring a premium bundle, including:
- An audio cabling set, to get even more out of the DJConsole Rmx2’s connectivity.
- A style kit, to change the controller’s look and enhance its visibility in dark and low-light conditions.

The audio cabling set includes:
- Two cables featuring XLR to 1/4" male jack balanced connectors, allowing users to connect the Rmx2’s XLR outputs to balanced speakers or amplifiers.
- One dual male RCA to 1/8" male mini-jack stereo cable, allowing users to connect the Rmx2’s RCA booth output to multimedia speakers, or to a computer’s line input to broadcast a mix on the Internet, or (with the addition of professional DJ software) to connect an external audio source such as a tablet or mobile media player and inject it into the mix.
- One dual male RCA to 1/8" female mini-jack stereo adapter, allowing users to connect multimedia speakers to the Rmx2’s RCA booth output.
- One 1/8" mini-jack to 1/4" jack adapter, allowing users to connect headphones featuring an 1/8" mini-jack connector to the Rmx2.

The audio cabling set lets the DJ take advantage of the DJConsole Rmx2’s fantastic audio features, including:
- Balanced XLR master outputs: balanced XLR outputs ensure that the cables deliver high-quality audio when outputting a professional-level audio signal.
- High-resolution audio: the Rmx2’s 24-bit/96 kHz capabilities meet both studio production and live performance standards.
- Two stereo inputs: these inputs can be used to connect two phono or line sources, allowing users to inject external audio sources into the mix when mixing with professional DJ software.

For total convenience, the cabling set can easily be transported along with the DJConsole Rmx2 gear in the included carry bag:
- The two XLR to 1/4" jack cables and the power adapter can be stored to the side of the DJConsole Rmx2 controller.
- The dual male RCA to 1/8" male mini-jack cable and the audio adapters can be stored in the bag’s interior zippered pocket.

The premium style kit is composed of:
- A black overlay, covering the DJConsole Rmx2’s grey top panel with a sleek black layer.
- Vibrant yellow caps, allowing users to replace either some or all of the black caps on the DJConsole Rmx2’s faders and potentiometers.

What’s more, the included yellow caps and the phosphorescent marks on the overlay provide visual cues for DJing in low-light conditions. The style kit makes it exciting for audiences to watch the DJ mixing tracks, as the yellow caps highlight the DJ’s performance and make it really come alive.

The DJConsole Rmx2 controller lets users take their DJing to the next level, with features such as:
- Two sets of four progressive pads, allowing users to trigger commands just by tapping or drumming with their fingers, or modulate controls by pressing the pads gradually.
- VU-meters on both decks, showing each track’s playback level.
- Pressure-detecting jog wheels, allowing users to scratch or move through tracks as naturally as on vinyl turntables.

Apart from the audio cabling set and premium style kit, the DJConsole Rmx2 Premium TR includes the grey aluminum DJConsole Rmx2 controller, along with Mac and Windows drivers, a power adapter, black carry bag, USB cable and the Traktor LE 2 software for Mac and Windows.

With two decks and a stunning range of essential features, Traktor LE 2 is the introductory version of the powerful, award-winning DJ software Traktor Pro.

The DJConsole Rmx2 Premium TR will be available from mid-December 2013, at a suggested retail price of €329.

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