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The perfect combos for the ultimate mixing experience: genuine DJ controllers and your iPad®!

New York -November 7, 2013
An iPad® is an excellent device - but combined with a DJ controller, it delivers a spectacular mixing and entertainment experience.
Hercules, the leader in mobile DJing, is inviting iPad users to discover the unique mixing and tactile sensations of DJing with the ’for iPad®’ versions of two of its best-selling devices - the Hercules DJControl AIR for iPad® and the Hercules DJControl Instinct for iPad®, available at an attractive price of €199.99 and €149.99 inc. VAT, respectively (suggested retail prices).
These versatile controllers are suited to mixing on all platforms - the iPad®, of course, but also Mac® and PC systems.

Ready to mix on the iPad®
To ensure an immediate and easy use with any iPad® with Retina display or any iPad® Mini, each controller is supplied with the official Lightning to USB Camera adapter by Apple®. A specific Hercules cable enabling users to connect their iPad® adapter to their Hercules controller’s USB port and power their device is also included.
iPad® 2 and 3 owners can simply use their device’s own adapter.

Both controllers are used to the full extent of their power when combined with the DJUCEDTM DJing app (sold separately in the App Store). This comprehensive application ensures perfect integration with the controllers, for efficient DJing sets - the unique symbiosis of a controller and an app! The DJUCEDTM app boasts advanced features, enabling the most dedicated users to perform and create at will.
The DJUCED 18° software for PC and Mac® is included with both new controllers by Hercules.

The ultimate advantage of the controller & app combo

Mixing with the DJUCED app for iPad® is unquestionably fun. And with the controller, the experience becomes even more thrilling - enhanced tactile sensations offered by device’s pads and jog wheels, improved comfort and highly precise and responsive actions delivered by the mechanical buttons and faders.

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