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10/24/2013 - Pulse to the beat! Experience the new DJing headphones by Hercules – the HDP DJ Light-Show Adv


Rennes, October 24, 2013

Hercules, the DJing and digital audio expert, is expanding its range of DJing headphones with new headphones designed to turn DJs into the main attraction at every party: the HDP DJ Light-Show Adv. The backlighting in the headphones’ earpieces pulses to the rhythm of the mix. DJs and music enthusiasts will also enjoy the headphones’ perfect audio fidelity, powerful sound, noise insulation and comfort.

The new headphones become a part of the DJ’s performance; the white logos located on each earpiece light up and pulse to the rhythm of the tracks played
- Inside the headphones (previewing)
- Or outside the headphones (the mix heard by the audience)
This trendy feature sets these headphones apart from the competition, and truly contributes to the visual show.

Featuring a design similar to Hercules’ professional headphones, the HDP DJ Light-Show Adv’s shape draws a continuous curve that runs from one earpiece to the other; it is extremely comfortable, adjusts to all heads and perfectly isolates DJs from ambient noise.
The earpieces, which feature large and soft padding, rotate to facilitate listening and previewing. The headphones fold away simply, and can be taken anywhere.

Ideally suited to previewing mixes - even when standing only a few feet away from the PA system -, the HDP DJ Light-Show Adv boasts a wide frequency response range (10 Hz-25 kHz) that enables DJs to perfect the slightest details before airing their mix to the audience.
The 50 mm diameter drivers ensure deep bass response and deliver clear sound.
Their low impedance (32 Ohms) and sensitivity (102 dB at 1 mW) ensure high sound levels and dynamics with all headphones outputs.
The Hercules HDP DJ Light-Show Adv will be available from November 2013, at the suggested retail price of €89.99 inc. VAT.

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