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08/29/2013 - Rock the start of the new school term with the new multimedia speakers by Hercules.

Paris - August 29, 2013
Music can truly help take the edge off the start of the new term. Hercules, an expert audio equipment manufacturer for over 20 years, is preparing to renew two of the brand’s multimedia speaker ranges in September, to let music enthusiasts enjoy the music stored on their computer.

Featuring a glossy or an ultra-slim design, convenient and easy to use, these new audio systems offer excellent value for money - so why go without?


Hercules 2.0 and 2.1 GLOSS

Hercules is renewing its XPS GLOSS series, and introducing two new systems - the Hercules 2.0 GLOSS and 2.1 GLOSS, available for €19.99 and €34.99 respectively (VAT included, suggested retail prices).

These wide-band lacquered black speakers are reminiscent of hi-fi floor speakers, and feature an optimum volume of air.
The 2.1 version offers 16 W* total output power (including 4 W RMS for the wooden subwoofer); the 2.0 stereo version boasts 8 W peak power.
On the 2.0 version, the sound control knob is located on the right-hand satellite, which also features a headphone jack. The 2.1 version is supplied with a compact wired remote featuring an auxiliary line input, enabling users to connect their MP3 player, mobile phone or tablet.
*Peak power


Hercules 2.0 and 2.1 SLIM

Driven by the success of the XPS Slim series, Hercules is renewing the technical challenge and once again delivering satellites that combine audio quality with a streamlined design - a feature that usually hinders the natural growth of sound. The result - the Hercules 2.0 et 2.1 SLIM speakers, featuring a moderate price tag of 29.99€ and 59.99€*, respectively - won’t fail to captivate future owners.
Each satellite is less than 6 cm thick and wide, and features a wide-band active speaker and a passive decompression speaker.
The 2.0 system is easy to install, powered by the computer’s USB port. It offers up to 5 W RMS power, while the 2.1 version, featuring a large bass woofer, boasts sound quality focused on performance and bass intensity (up to 30 W RMS total output).

Each Hercules SLIM speaker system includes a wired remote control featuring a volume control knob, an ON/OFF switch and an auxiliary line input enabling users to connect their tablet, mobile phone or MP3 player. *Suggested retail prices
Satellite measurements: 23 (H) x 5.7 (L) x 6 (P) cm

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