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07/09/2013 - More colors, more power: The new WAE* BTP02 gives wireless music a boost.

Paris, July 9, 2013.

Hercules is proud to introduce the new generation of its WAE* BTP02 - *Wireless Audio Experience, one of the brand’s flagship wireless speakers.
This dynamic new wireless audio system is guaranteed to give your music tracks a boost! Experience its punchy colors and its energetic audio power.

Compatible with all smartphones, tablets and computers equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology, featuring a Made for iPhone® certification, the new WAE BTP02 is the best ally to enjoy and share your music - play it loud, anywhere in your home!
The system indeed boasts no less than 30 W RMS power, a stereo wide effect and bass boost to breathe life into your music.
The fully mobile BTP02 also offers record-breaking 20-hour battery life at medium volume. Its rear-mounted handle enables users to carry it around easily, as they move from one room to another throughout the day.

Available in 3 colors, it will add a pinch of sparkling visual energy to your home: white and tonic green or electric blue for trendy color enthusiasts, or smart black for users who prefer a more sober design - according to each user’s preference!

This new speaker offers the performance of Bluetooth® 3.0 AD2P technology, ensuring both incredible sound quality and convenient range (10 meters) within your home.

The device comes with a highly intuitive speaker management application, developed by Hercules and compatible with iOS (4.0 and above) and Android (2.2 and above): WAE Music Remote. A volume control, an equalizer, free access to web radio stations and a speaker battery charge indicator are just some of the features available.

The new version of the BTP02 speaker will be available from September 2013, at the suggested retail price of €249.99 (VAT included).

Also discover the full WAE* range, including BTP05, WBT06 and Outdoor BTP04.

 *Wireless Audio Experience

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