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07/04/2013 - DJ Monitor 5: monitor speakers “made for DJs” by Hercules


London, July 4, 2013 - Designed for audio mixing, these new active monitor speakers add to the range of DJing devices created by Hercules, a leader in the industry with its portable MIDI controllers. These products are targeted at the DJs’ exacting requirements for music production and home studios.

Accurate and faithful audio rendering

In collaboration with professional players of the DJing world, Hercules’ audio engineers have designed the DJ Monitor 5 speakers to offer a balanced frequency response. By putting the end users’ experience at the very heart of the design process, the brand once again confirms its own philosophy - to offer DJs and composers quality gear, at an affordable price.

Offering greater accuracy and power than the XPS 2.0 80 DJ Monitor speakers, hailed for their excellent value for money, the DJ Monitor 5 speakers allow DJs and composers to analyze, prepare and mix their creations.


Frequency controls tailored to each room’s acoustics

In some environments, the audio rendition quality can be sub-optimal; a room’s acoustic properties vary according to its size and shape, and also to the speakers’ position. This is why the DJ Monitor 5 includes controls to let users adjust bass and treble levels, which are often amplified by the room’s acoustics (-2dB, 0dB, +2dB). The DJ Monitor 5 speakers also feature a setting that enables users to cut bass off at select frequencies (56, 80 and 100 Hz). For optimum ease of use, the power button and the main volume knob are located at the front of the satellite.


Performance and efficiency

With a design inspired by the XPS 2.0 80 DJ Monitor series, the DJ Monitor 5 speakers offer 2 x 80W RMS power. Each speaker is made from wood, and features a dual port located on the speaker’s front face, specifically designed and precisely tuned to ensure extended bass response. The front-located port is widely requested by DJs wishing to listen to and hone the whole low frequencies of their creations.

Each monitor speaker features:
A 1-inch tweeter with a silk dome and waveguide (30 W power), delivering clear and rich treble.
A 5-inch high-end woofer (50 W power) with a woven Kevlar membrane, ensuring ample and deep bass.
A Class A/B bi-amplified design, providing optimum sound precision throughout the whole audio spectrum. This separation enables each speaker to work more efficiently in the relevant frequency range.

The DJ Monitor 5 speakers offer versatile connectivity features (for computers, DJing gears, mixers, etc.) via the 6.35 mm jack TRS/XLR input. An RCA input connector is also available on the speakers’ rear face.

Frequency response: 50 Hz - 30,000 Hz
Power: 2 x 80 W

Dimensions (for one speaker):
31cm (H) x 22.2 cm (W) x 23.5 cm (D)

Weight: 7 kg (per speaker)


  • The DJ Monitor 5 speakers will be available from late August 2013, at the suggested retail price of €299.99 / £279.99 (VAT included).


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